Sanatoga Thriftway!

I live near the Coventry Mall, so the Sanatoga Thriftway isn’t exactly in my backyard, butI like going there. In fact, I’ve got to recommend that store as a nicely laid out market with pretty decent prices.  It isn’t close to my home, but it is minutes away from my workplace which is why I  make it a point to shop there once in a while.

The  other day I was there and I’ll admit, the prices in the meat case weren’t so great.  I noticed some steaks for 22 dollars. They were an instant “No.”  But there were some reasonably priced meats, so I picked up some flank steak which is excellent when broiled, and I got some hamburger, and some crab cakes and fish.

I also got some cereal; trust me I didn’t buy any boxes that were over 4 dollars!  I bought a nice cheap box of Golden Grahams.  I got 2 Keebler’s chips deluxe for 5 bucks, and that worked perfectly because my daughter needed to take cookies into school this week.  And I bought 2 loaves of bread, some milk, some eggs, some cheddar cheese, and a nice selection of  veggies and some rice, and I spent less than 60 dollars.  It wasn’t one of my best shopping trips, but it provided me with enough for at least 5 dinners, a couple of breakfasts and some treats for my sweetheart.

Before I close, I want to explain broiling a flank steak because some people just don’t know how to do it.  The truth is it’s simple, you just turn your oven to broil, get a heavy flat tray and wait till the oven heats.  Grab your package of steak, peel off the pad that soaks up the fluid in the tray, slice into your steak not completely through, but so that it has a nice diamond cut on both sides.  That allows the heat to penetrate and your steak won’t curl while cooking.  Add salt and pepper, or any seasonings you like, and pop it in for 5 to 7 minutes.  It will turn gray but that ( doesn’t mean it’s done.  You are going to have to flip it and cook it on the other side, remember, the broiler will heat the top of your meat so have your oven grills set so that the meat is close to the burners.( this is for an electric oven, in a gas oven you probably have a bottom broiler, which  uses the same technique just in a different space in the oven.)

I like to remove my steak before it turns to shoe leather.  It will  be slightly red in the center when I’m ready to take it out.  I just let it sit on it’s pan while I get the rest of my dinner together.  By the time I slice it into strips it has finished cooking.  But in the event that your steak is still too red for your liking, you can always toss it into a small frying pan for only minutes,  just add some flavoring to the pan like oil, or butter, or soy sauce, or Worcestershire sauce, so that you don’t burn your meat.

When I took out my steak, I threw some onion rings into the cooling oven and then made rice and beans.  Dinner was easy, it took 15 minutes or less, and it was cheap compared to some meals.  I think the steak was 7 dollars, the beans were 85 cents and the rice 1.19.  That is three  meals, plus  leftovers, for just a smidge over 3 dollars a person.

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