Guess Who Has a Leopard Lounging Robe?!

Remember I was saying I’d love a robe to cuddle up in at night?  I asked for one for my birthday and surprise!  I got one, actually I got two,but one is the kind I can snuggle up in in the evening.  I think it even came from Macys!  I opened the box and I stupidly asked where we got a Macys box from, but I didn’t even think that it was possible that my gift had come from there.  Is that silly or what?  It’ just that we tend to re-use old gift boxes, so I usually have some stashed, which means if you ever get a gift from me and the box says “Boscov’s”…it might not be from there! 🙂

My daughter’s did call, so that was wonderful, and my youngest got some girlfriends to sing Happy Birthday to me from school. ( Thanks Faith, and Rebecca, and Natalie).

I got lots of nice cards and some phone calls and emails and it was a very, very happy day.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.




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