More Coursera Courses!

I’ve become addicted to taking online college courses at Coursera.org.  I’m finding it  incredibly draining and yet it is absolutely fulfilling at the same time!

The good news is that anyone can sign up to take classes.  The bad news is there are no limits to the number of classes you can take, and for me that means I’m handling  more than I am capable of handling at one time.  For example, I am now enrolled in a class on global history, a class on the economics of obesity, a class on Greek and Roman myth, and a class on design and I can’t forget the class on genetics and evolution.

I know, some college kids are taking that many classes, but they aren’t also doing some of the other things I”m doing in addition to going to class.

I don’t expect to complete all the activities and tests and papers in each class, so in all truth I’m not really taking these classes,  basically I’m auditing them, but oh my goodness– it is fabulous to be exposed to so many new ideas shared by so many wonderful professors.

Fascinating facts from my classes:

Zheng He was a sea trader who plied the seas around the time Christopher Columbus did.  His ships were humongous.  The comparison between his huge ships and Colombus’ ships is amazing.  Check it out.

The citizens of the United States tend not to believe in Evolution.  Only Turkey beats us in discounting it as a scientific theory.

Most of you know what absenteeism is, but have you ever heard of “Presenteeism”?  I’m learning about that in the class on Obesity.  The term refers to employees that can make it to work, but that aren’t working as effectively as their “healthy weight” peers.

Coursera is amazing.

Check it out.




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