Designers Notice Gaps and Create Products, Seems Easy Enough!

My class on design has already stumped me.  I am supposed to come up with a problem that causes me and at least 5 other people enough pain that we’d be willing to make a change.  It sounds easy enough doesn’t it?  I should be able to come  up with an artifact that solves a real life problem- so how come I can’t?

It seems like I do things all day that could be easier, or more effective.  I should be able to come up with a problem that needs fixing, but I can’t.  I guess that should clue me into the idea that perhaps I’m not a natural  born designer.

Like the other night I thought it might be nice to have steps that operate using a bellows type idea, so that you step forward on a step rather than stepping down and then the step adjusts.  That would take off the pressure on knees and ankles for older people.  Rather than taking out their steps with those rising seats, why not create steps that work almost like locks used to?

I even have a name for it!  “The Lockstep System”.  But now I have to figure out how to build it, and whether it’s even cost effective.

I’d like to give in and just say it’s probably too hard, or it probably won’t work, but if I do that then I’m definitely going to fail the course!

Heh, I’m going to fail anyhow, but at least I’m going to try.

Got any ideas you can float my way?  I’m a little desperate here 🙂



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