Hurricane Sandy And Pottstown!

Have you been hearing reports about the possibility of a Frankenstorm headed our way?  Well, so far it looks like Hurricane Sandy might bump into a storm coming in from the West with lots of bad weather and an arctic blast from Canada which will in a worst case scenario all smack into one another somewhere near the East Coast this coming Monday.

So what can you do to prepare for a blow-out storm?  Well, you can make sure that there isn’t anything left outside that will blow away in a bad storm.

You can make sure you have enough water and personal essentials as well as  food that won’t need heat or electricity to eat, and don’t forget you’ll need a manual can opener to open items up if you are going to use canned foods.

You can keep some flashlights handy.  Have a weather radio that is battery operated tuned into local news stations on the radio, you can actually have some duct tape and cardboard, or newspaper and plastic bags for patching and stuffing windows in case any do break because of limb damage or falling objects.

Candles are a bad idea in a storm situation because a house fire in a community wide storm isn’t going to be able to get the attention it would in regular circumstances so be extra smart about using fire during storms, and remember that you might not have access to professional help immediately if a storm shuts down or blocks roads.

If you must drive in the storm please be extra safe.  Avoid driving through large puddles because you can’t know how deep they go- if enough water pools in an area the water can wash away roadbeds and so if there is a large puddle, and you can’t see roadway then don’t chance it.  Go another route.



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