Mo’s Voting Obama!

I’m sure it’s not a surprise for those of you who know me personally to hear that I’m voting for Barack Obama, or as Abby calls him “Bronco  Bama”.  ( Check out the little girl who broke down and cried because she was tired of hearing about the presidential election.)

Four years ago I was one of those people filled with excitement when Obama was elected President, now things are different and I’ll admit that I don’t feel quite so excited by his “Forward” campaign  as I did by his “Hope and Change” theme.  I guess it’s because we’ve gone through a time of financial difficulties for a lot of Americans.  It’s tough hearing about families losing their homes, and about businesses going under.  It was also hard seeing the bickering in Washington about, well, about a lot.  Obama didn’t magically fix everything did he?  But, on the other hand, I like how he handles himself.  I like how he appears to think.  I like that he’s his own man.  I like that  he doesn’t seem pretend.  I like his compassion and I like his determination.  Now I don’t know him personally, I only know what the rest of you know about the man, but I admire him as a human being and for that reason alone, I think I’m confident choosing him as a leader for the next four years.

Mitt says he’s the future of America.  He says America needs jobs and his 5 point plan will put us all back to work so that families can take care of themselves and so that States can make their own decisions.  But I’m frightened by what he calls  his “Day One” changes.  He’s making a lot of promises that aren’t practical.  How are we going to move immediately to his perfect world?  He says he’s got experience running companies and handling budgets in real world time, but he’s been running for office for quite a number of years now, he’s not quite the “small businessman” he presents himself to be.  Mr. Romney may well be a fine man, with a great plan for the future of America, but I’m not ready for his type of future.

I don’t want to vote for a rebuild of America!  I don’t want an America that starts at Romney’s “Day One”.  I want a strong America with a view towards a free, cleaner, healthier, stronger America.  Barack Obama is not able to give that to us…but I think we can continue recovering from a huge economic recession while growing as a strong nation.

Call me naive, I don’t mind.  I really believe in the nation thing.  I don’t think we are a conglomeration of States.  I think we are something special because we are a nation!  I have the feeling President Obama gets that.  I’m voting for him on Tuesday.






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