Want A Fun Gift For Teens? Buy A Superplexus!

What is a “superplexus”?

Well, it’s a ball with a maze inside and a small metal ball that drives teenagers batty.  My kids found one and they started playing with it and one of my kids took it with her to her college dorm and her friends loved it and then she brought it home and my other kids took to it and didn’t want to give it up when they accidentally allowed the ball to fall off the track and roll around in the bottom of the plastic see through ball.

It’s sort of like a habitrail for kids, but they don’t get in it, they just roll it around in front of their faces and wince.  One of the kids would drop the ball out of the maze and mutter, another wanted to pitch it through my front window, but they decided not to because they wanted just “one more chance”.

You can pick it up at Target, and I’m sure it’s available at other fine retail outlets.  I’m not advertising this, I’m telling the honest truth.  We had the kids playing with it at Thanksgiving and they loved it.

Go find it, it’s about 8 inches in diameter, clear and it appeals to older kids.



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