Wearing Less and Less Makeup

Maybe it’s getting older that has me less and less interested in smearing my face with pots of paint, or maybe it is that I’m more into health in my old age and despite the promises made by the cosmetic giants- I really don’t think that chemicals and fats improve the quality of my skin. They might improve it from the inside in the form of a healthful diet, but simply smearing the outside of my skin with them seems like an exercise in futility.

So instead I spend time every day  massaging my skin and I have to tell you, I am pleasantly surprised by the results.  I  started it one day when I heard about ear lobes.  Yes, you heard me, ear lobes!  It seems that scientists can tell the people that have circulation issues from the people that don’t by simply looking at their ear lobes. I’m sure it takes trained specialists but  ears are apparently, swell indicators of poor drainage in the venous system.  It seems that if your ears are wrinkled, well, to be blunt, it may not  be a good thing.(PLEASE NOTE:  I am not diagnosing or pretending to diagnose on this site!  I’m just chatting.)

Anyhow, I wondered after I read that about my poor ear lobes. What was their venous condition?  Well, shockingly, they are wrinkled!  But there had to be something I could do to get blood flow back into them.  I had really been ignoring them for years.  I mean,probably just like most of you, at some point in my life, even though I can’t say exactly when it happened, I must have accepted that my ears would rarely be touched unless I was sticking sharp objects through them to adorn myself? When I thought about my poor little wrinkled lobes,  I sort of felt sorry for them.  So I rubbed them, and then I rubbed the cheeks next to them, and then it was onto my chin and then my neck and soon there was a pleasant warm feeling and then later, when I walked past the bathroom mirror, my head was almost glowing.

Glowing skin doesn’t come from a bottle or a jar, it comes from gentle massage and healthy eating and lots of rest.  Again, I’m not diagnosing, I’m talking about my own daily habits.  But remember, I’m one of those massively freckled people, which means I didn’t look that hot with a slathering of creamy beige foundation either.

Thanks for letting me blather again, I’ve almost lost the knack.  Almost, I said!



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