Cookie Swap!

My workplace is planning a little holiday party where each of the employees gets to bring in a dozen cookies and then we all get to take one of each and we’ll each have a nice selection of cookies, but the problem is I’m afraid I’m going to make the kinds of cookies that everyone else is making already!

I mean, here in my house, my kids like chocolate chips.  I like sugar cookies.  My husband likes disgusting mince filled cookies, but God knows I’m not making those!  I guess I’m trying to say that I wish I had this old family recipe that I could share with my friends at work.  You know, like I wish there was this darling snicker doodle recipe that my family couldn’t live without, or a russian tea cake that meant Christmas to me and mine!  But there isn’t, unless you count that icky  sticky brown and lump filled concoction that my dear troubled spouse likes.

I can’t make mince cookies!  I won’t make them!  But what should I make instead?  Folks, I need help.  If you have any ideas, please send them to me!  STAT.




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