Pottstown’s Christmas Lights!

I drive around town during the day, so unfortunately I don’t get to see the houses lit up at night, but I can assure you that the decorations are going up and I’ll bet some streets look mighty festive.

Today I saw one house that had a stuffed Santa figure hanging out of an upstairs window. While that house wouldn’t be the place I’d drive by at night with small toddlers in the backseats, I think the other houses surrounding it had more traditional decorations; toy soldiers, Santa’s and penguins, although, I honestly don’t get the penguin/Christmas thing.

I’m hoping to get my exterior decorations up this weekend, or perhaps I should say I’m hoping my kind, thoughtful and don’t forget super strong life partner, will drag out the ladder and attach twinkle lights to my house!

Maybe then I’ll make those detestable cookies he likes so much!



Who eats mince these days anyhow?!


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