Ceiling Clips For Decorating!

If you need ceiling clips for an acoustic ceiling then just send me an email.  I’ll charge you for them, but I don’t imagine I’m ever going to get rich from selling clips and I can’t think of anyone who’d spend more than a couple of dollars to meet their simple needs.  Note, if you are buying them for a large installation I can tell you where to get them, but if you are just buying a couple  for your own office, or for your home, or for your church, or a small store then just contact me.

Some people do not use the clips that are intended for use with the grid.  Instead they’ll loop fishing wire, or some monofilament type string and then they’ll attach things to the string.  I saw this when I was at a local church in town today.  But what I liked about their set-up was that they hung the monofilament and then they added the clip style  clothespins which allowed  them to change out what they were hanging more easily than cutting down, or removing all the wire.  I suppose you could even paint the clothes  pins to match your tile, or your walls.

At this same location I noticed the windows were decorated  with  construction paper.   It looked like  each window  had a mound of freshly fallen snow filling up the window  sills and they put a small construction paper evergreen right in the center of two large sheets of white mountain shaped cut  outs of white.  It was very attractive when you saw it repeated in all the windows in the room.  The person who had done the desigining said that last year she had gone to the trouble of using that spray on snow, but it was a horrible mess to  clean up, and there were lots of small fingerprints in it.  This way, if any children touch the  paper it isn’t going to hurt much and no one will have to clean up a big mess.

Sometimes  simple is best.




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