Strange Service Call From” Banks”!

Have any of you gotten any calls from  1-800 numbers saying they are calling to talk to you, not as a sales call, but as a “service call”?  I’m asking because I want to remind everyone that it is very unlikely that  a reputable bank would behave that way.  First of all,  if they call up without identifying you, or your transaction numbers, to  you then there is a good chance you are being hoodwinked.  If they ask you to tell them your information in order to continue talking  to you then you just hang up on them!

Always, always, always remember that the people that are genuine know much more about you than just your home number, or your cell phone number.  They know things like where you work, what your social security number is and what your last withdrawals were.  Heck, they probably know where you  lived 10 years ago, and what your maiden aunt does with her retirement savings.  Genuine banks who do business with regular folks  don’t call people up and ask them to identify themselves by giving them their personal information.  If you have a real bank, then they already know all of that stuff, ( minus the business about your maiden aunt).  And if your  bank  doesn’t do business that way, then you need a new bank.

I was absolutely flummoxed when a caller asked me for my personal information as if it was part of the natural course of doing business.   I told them I wasn’t going to respond unless they had a lot more information, and they hung up.   When I dialed back, the person that answered responded in the  nicest way, but it was evident that I wasn’t calling any bank.  I’m guessing it was a company that sold business to banks, but I couldn’t drag that information out of them  because again, they wouldn’t esplain their business without knowing my personal information.  It’s outrageous!

Also, if you get a call from a company whose representative says  they  are contacting you to lower your electric bill because your name came up and they have the authority to change your supplier then guess what?  That is another scam!  In Pennsylvania the major utilities were parceled out, and in the Philly area Excelon which once was the main provider, did in fact get told to share out it’s customers so that deregulated prices could make this energy market more equitable, but that doesn’t mean that they sold your name to some unnamed  company and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to sign up with them to save on your  electric bill.  All it means is that you can change your supplier if you want  to, and since it’s your choice  you need  to  look at the pros and cons of your potential decision.

I hate it when companies take advantage of folks.  If you aren’t sure of a caller, or their business  dealings  with you, then do yourself a favor and ask someone you trust whether it sounds legitimate to them? Heck,  Ask me, and I’ll check it out for you.  Just don’t  instantly  trust anyone who calls you up and insists you are supposed to do business with them.   If you aren’t sure then you can just tell them to remove your phone number from their calling list,and if they insist that the’ve got something important to communicate to you, then you tell them that they can put anything they have to say to you in writing and you’ll respond immediately upon receipt of their information.  No  fly-by-night  company will  like  that  deal.

I guess what I want to say is don’t get tricked.




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