Trash Truck Getting Careless!

Driving home today, a trash truck painted deep maroon, with gold letters…that shall remain nameless, was driving rather recklessly on the wrong side of the street.  I was driving home  from  work and this truck was bearing down on me in my lane of traffic, in other words the driver of the  trash truck was coming the  wrong way at me!

That wasn’t a pleasant sight. But I couldn’t drive out of his way because I didn’t have a clear view of a curve ahead in the road, so I had to allow him to get closer to me before I could  see sufficiently beyond his truck to get out of  his way!

I feel sorry for the poor guy he had hanging off the side of his truck.

Easier isn’t safer!  Wasn’t I just writing about that poor guy who worked for the water tank company who fell into a tank?  When you don’t do things  the way they are supposed to be done, accidents are very likely to happen!  We all want to hurry a little more these days, and I don’t imagine that any of us will feel less rushed till sometime in mid January,so please,  pretty please, take a few extra minutes to do things the way we are all supposed to do them.

If you don’t, and I see you….you are only going to have to hear me nagging at you!   ( And that is a best case scenario).




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