Aldi’s Stop Today!

Is milk really over 4 bucks a gallon?  That is what I paid for it over at Aldi’s today.  I also got bread, hot dog rolls, a dozen eggs and some meat and it came to almost 30 dollars!  Blah!

The meat I got was hamburger which I turned into meatballs for spaghetti dinner tonight.  It wasn’t very exciting but it was filling.  Last night my daughter and I made an apple pie so that is for dessert later.

Tomorrow is probably going to be hot dogs and baked beans!  But recently I’ve made chili and chopped onions so that we’ve got some toppings for our hot dogs.

Last night I had some country style ribs that I got from Burt’s up at Zerns.  I popped them into the slow cooker and added onions, garlic, celery a bottle of Yuengling and a half a jar of barbecue sauce. Cook it for a couple of hours, or until you slice the meat and find it shreds easily.  It was kind of tasty. I even made my family eat yams with it!  They didn’t mind because the meal was already kind of sweet and zesty.

Wednesday is probably going to be some kind of chicken dish with noodles, and then on Thursday we’ll do tacos and  and rice.

So even though life is getting expensive, and I’ll probably need another gallon of milk, the good news is we’ll eat for a week on about 40 bucks.  Of course that is only because I have breakfast foods and lunch makings on hand.  If I didn’t have them, then my week of food would certainly cost more, but honestly since one night’s meal at a fast food restaurant costs what I’m paying for a week of food then I think it is so much better to make it at home myself…even though I don’t feel that way when I’m mixing and popping things into the oven.  It seems easier to just buy a bag of food on the way home, but I know it isn’t.  How many times have I scarfed down a meal from a fast food joint without even noticing I ate anything?  Whereas when I make a meal, my family sits down and eats together.

Oh, by the way, Pottstown’s Hometown  Coupon Magazine has a coupon for Burts Farms and you can check them out at http://www.burtsmeats.com






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