Staph Infections

I have a bit of a concern after reading about a surgeon who infected several heart patients because he had a staph infection on his hand, you can find the story if you search today’s news in California,  My concern is that in this story  his infection passed through his gloves because of microscopic tears in the gloves.  That doesn’t sound so great to me.  That sounds a little scary actually.

I’m only mentioning it because I want people to err on the safe side if they find that they have an infected area on their skin pay a little bit of attention to it.  When you have a skin infection you are going to notice it! It is going to hurt. Now, I don’t want to exaggerate the problem, because staph infections have always been around, but I’m a little more wary because the bugs we are dealing with  these days seem to be a lot more resistant to antibiotics.  We still have chemical cures on our side, but maybe we should be a little more concerned when we find we have an infected area.  Don’t assume it will heal on it’s own.

  I’m not a specialist, so make sure you get the advice of your personal doctor if you have any concern! I am just sharing my opinion here- and that is that if you find an irritation on your body anywhere and it appears inflamed, and you find that when you press on it, or right around  it you feel a tightness, or a “lump”, then by all means call your physician. 

Some infections heal on their own, but if you have the kind of infection that keeps getting worse, or the pain doesn’t go away, or the redness increases rather than decreases then  you really need to talk to your Doctor!

Let’s not monkey around with our health, okay?





1 thought on “Staph Infections”

  1. Intestinal troubles after operation may be a indicator of a staph infection, according to the Mayo Clinic. Vomiting and feelings of nausea after surgical treatment may result from toxic shock syndrome, that is a serious problem brought on by widespread staph infection. Individuals who have a feeding tube implanted immediately after surgery have got a bigger chance of getting staph infections as a result of contamination of the tube.*

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