Secret Shuttle Launched Today!

I found it interesting reading about the secret shuttle that NASA launched this afternoon.  It is fascinating trying to figure out what it’s purpose is.

Apparently it is being launched into a lower orbit than some other communications satellites.  I thought that might be an indication of what it’s objective is.  Perhaps that is just where this shuttle tends to hover over the Earth, but if it is rotating around the planet at a slightly lower altitude than LEO satellites then, from what I’ve read before, it has the ability to “snoop” on conversations that are sent to communication satellites.  And in addition, any scrambled information is captured before it gets to the satellite to be sent out in chunks.

Sooner, or later I can imagine that there will be rules for these secret missions, but in the meantime I’m sort of glad, even though I know it isn’t exactly fair, I’m glad that we have the technology to engage in this kind of project.

Space is cool.




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