Pottsgrove Middle School’s Evacuation

This morning I saw a news truck heading out Hanover Street and I wondered where they were headed because we generally don’t see news trucks out our way.  Of course it wasn’t until this evening that I checked to find out the news that children were passing out in school.

About 2 dozen kids were transported to both PMMC and Phoenixville Hospital.  The children were standing in the school auditorium and three students passed out.  Next several other students started feeling faint.

The bad news is that it appears that parents were notified by social media outlets way before the school contacted them.  I’m sure it would frighten me if I found out on Facebook that my school was being evacuated and that almost 24 children were being sent to the hospital.

I saw that the administration said that the news outlets respond to 911 calls, and so news like that would cause a stir, but that didn’t mean that the administration was prepared to make a public statement on the matter.  This is a big concern, and I hope that schools take a look at how to more effectively and efficiently communicate a concern to parents without making them feel panicked.




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