An American License to Kill!

Why can’t we create a license to kill?  There is a lot of talk about restricting guns, or getting them off the streets, but why can’t we just create an education system for weapons so that Americans are highly skilled shooters?

We already have more weapons than most other countries per person, we already have a culture of “Cowboys and Indians”, it wouldn’t be so outrageous to create levels of ability for gun carriers.

Most people should learn to shoot to disable, not shoot to kill.  Now of course there are going to be problems because just shooting someone could lead to blood loss and then that might lead to shock and then your shooting victim winds up dying anyhow, but if people are actually taught about weapons and taught about how to shoot, and where to shoot to avoid killing a person then we might be more skilled as a nation with our weapons.

Let’s say  a person shoots and winds up killing their target,  and then it turns out that they had good reason for their “incident” that would award them an upgrade.  Citizens that have used their weapons in a highly skilled way will then be cheered by society and they won’t have to defend themselves in the same way as they do now.

In years past, it was considered an elite skill to learn to fence, why can’t we adopt the same ideals to create superior gun handlers?  We have the weapons in our communities, if we become skilled at using them, rather than having just criminals out there shooting, then they would have to worry about being taken out by a sharp shooter!

I’m no gun advocate, but I don’t think Americans will give up their guns!  Why can’t we work with gun owners to enhance their skills.  Maybe guns should not be thought of as weapons of last resort, maybe we can teach most people to simply maim an attacker, or injure an aggressor?

Rather than have kids go to take up soccer, or tae kwon do on the weekend, they might head to the gun range.

America can’t be compared to other nations when we look at citizens weapons.  Can we think about ways to benefit society?  I would imagine that most  Gun owners  don’t want to be  tasked with taking out the bad guys in society.  I imagine the ones who want to collect and use them on gun ranges really want to be efficient and highly skilled users.  Let’s at least think about expanding how we view this uniquely  American obsession.







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