8 Dollar A Gallon Milk?!

The other day I was complaining about paying over 4 dollars for a gallon of milk and today I read that we could be paying up to 8 dollars a gallon for the precious fluid in the future.  8 bucks?

It seems that some farmers lobbyists are having a field day scaring up support for a farm bill that is set to expire along with or soon after the “fiscal cliff” hits.  With Congress all tied up in  that cliff, things like this farm bill will be forgotten and the result of that will mean that milk prices aren’t held t any particular level and the price then may become inflated out of proportion.

Farmers appear to be lowering prices in January, so I bet that they have already seen that folks aren’t really thrilled with paying as much as they are paying now.  So if I were a betting person I’d guess that we won’t see 8 dollar a gallon for milk, but what if it was?  How would that impact your food order each month?

Maybe it’s worth buying a case of packaged milk in January?



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