Want to Track Santa? Check Here!

Children got to talk to officials at NORAD 55 years ago when Sears made a mistake in an ad for one of their stores where they planned to tell children about Santa.  When the folks at NORAD, which tracks dangerous objects in the skies heard the calls from kids, they decided to play along and a new tradition was born.  At least that is the story the LA Times is talking about.

They’ve also given us a phone number so kids can call NORAD on Christmas Eve to find out where exactly Santa and his sleigh are, and this year there is another website kids can check out created by Google!

Here is some more information and happy tracking!

For some old-fashioned fun, you can also call NORAD’s Santa hotline, (877) HI-NORAD, to talk to one of the 1,250 volunteers available to answer Santa questions. The hotline opens at 2 a.m. PST on Monday and closes at 2 a.m. PST on Christmas Day.

Google’s Santa-tracking operation, meanwhile, is headquartered at google.com/santatracker.

It’s a slicker website than NORAD’s, and even though the actual Santa tracking won’t get started until Christmas Eve, you can explore the little virtual Christmas village and play several games — which include a sled race and dropping presents into chimneys — that are appropriate even for young players.

It also offers a way to ask Santa to place a personalized call to your friends and family members.

Budding engineers may enjoy Google’s take on the seasonal fun. The company says that Dec. 24, it will showcase a preview of the technology that powers Santa’s sleigh.

“We’ve received this special preview from one of Santa’s many developer elves,” the company says on the website.

Developer elves? This is clearly not your grandmother’s Christmas.

Happy tracking and happy holidays!

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