Hanover Square Townhomes

Today I toured the townhouses over on Hanover Street in Pottstown.  I was pleased with the designs.  They are not huge, but they have several choices about home layouts so that you could have three levels with a half bath on the first two and two full baths on the third floor.

A nice three bedroom home with 2 1/2 plus baths?  They also have nice kitchens and dining rooms, full closets and two car garages.

They start at $120,000!

Now I’m pretty sure that the low cost version won’t satisfy most buyers- there are sure to be improvements that will raise the price, but overall the homes are affordable and stylish.

They have gas heat and forced air with A/C.  The only negative I found was the taxes, but what can you do?

Also, they were a little closely spaced, and while some of them have a beautiful view of the river, they also have a train that goes by directly out front of the development, but they are lovely places and if you are interested in moving into the area, or perhaps even renting a place in town, I recommend the houses at Hanover Square.

Here is the contact info for the property-

By phone:
By email: info@hanoversquarehomes.com

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