Powering America!

I drive a car.  I expect hot water when I turn on my faucet to get a shower.  I use indoor lights.  I have an electric stove!  I am an energy user!

Because I’m an energy user I don’t have much room to say don’t install a pipeline in my backyard.  So I won’t.  I will instead say that I think we need more safety precautions before we install this pipeline.  I want automatic shut off valves, and I want men on the ground inspecting the pipe, and I want welding to be checked by professionals with no “spot welding” allowed unless it is authorized by safety experts.

I want the community to have access to the information discovered by the NTSB if an accident occurs and I want the Commonwealth pipeline folks to know that if they use inferior pipe, that Pennsylvania will sue them.

I am willing to accept that America has gone crazy and I’m willing to accept another pipeline snaking across PA, but I want to know it’s going to be safe, protected and insured.

Anyone have a problem with that?



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