Kiwi Yogurt in Pottstown

Has anyone been there yet?  I was over at the Upland Square Shopping Center tonight and I noticed the Kiwi next to Jake’s Wayback Burgers.

I know earlier I was talking about wanting a fruit juice bar in town, and while Kiwi Yogurt   isn’t quite what I was looking for it still seems like it might be a fun place to go. But I’m asking you folks first? Anyone been there yet?  What did you get?

Is it “pricey”?  Or as a new friend of mine says ” is it “spendy”.





Pottstown Needs a Mobile Office Detailing Place!

Excuse me for making yet another demand, but I want a place where I can clean out my mobile office on the road.  And since my “road” happens to be Pottstown, I’d like it in the greater Pottstown area.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a simple car wash.  I want a space I can drive into with a table that I can dump all my stuff out on. I want office supplies at the ready so I can slip things into files, grab some rubber bands, or buy some plastic sleeves.  I want to be able to vacuum out my car and buy a scented hangy thing.

I’d also like someone to help me if I get discombobulated while trying to clean out my mobile office.  I want an office professional who understands sorting and organizing.

Now this is a little embarrassing for me to ask for, because I should be able to do this myself.  Afterall, I can sort things.  I know how to file.  I understand what items I need at my fingertips.  So why can’t I figure it all out?

I think the word “all” in the last paragraph is the cause of my distress.  It just seems overwhelming and like washing dishes, it isn’t the kind of thing I can do once and feel it’s a job well done.  Straightening my auto office is just as important as straightening a brick and mortar office, but it is harder to do cause the weather isn’t always cooperative and I’m tired sometimes after I get home from work, and I don’t have a nice vehicle filing system.

Won’t someone help me and open up a Mobile Office Detailing place?  If you build it I’ll come!





Pottstown Needs a Juice Bar!

I know it probably isn’t a great idea for me to broadcast my big ideas here on the world wide webby thing…but you know me, if I think it I start jabbering about it, and since it isn’t likely I am going to be able to find a location, purchase the equipment, and find a distributor for fresh fruits, I’m going to put it out into the atmosphere and hope someone hears me!

We need a fresh fruit juice bar!  I’m not big into drinking grass, but I want to have a place where I can order a smoothie, or a frappe, or a pressed juice!  I want it to have a nice sit down area, and I want it to be painted in some funky colors with fruity themed artwork.

I’d like to call it ” Juicy Fruits”  which might get me in big trouble with a chewing gum company, but maybe they won’t mind?

I can see the place now.  I just don’t know where in town that place exists.  Any ideas anyone?




Beef Stew!

A friend of mine at work the other day was heating her lunch in the microwave and boy did it smell good.  It was home cooked beef stew.  Of course I was swooning over the scent and I had no problem telling her it smelled delicious, so you know what happened next?  That lovely lady scooped out some of her lunch and gave me a snack!

That tidbit made me rush home that evening to make my own beef stew. I used  a couple of discounted chuck steaks I had in the freezer.  I cut them into cubes and browned them in some olive oil.  I tossed in some onion and garlic and then I added carrots and frozen peas.  I needed a base and I didn’t have any beef broth so I opened a can of mushroom soup and I poured it all into a roasting pan with a lid and heated it at about 350 for 40 minutes.  In a separate pot I boiled some potatoes because I like them softened and sometimes when they aren’t soaked while cooking they soften in some places and stay firm in others.  So I just quartered them after boiling them for a few minutes and then added them to the rest of my stew.

I won’t say mine was as tasty as my friends, but I will say it was satisfying.  And I didn’t break the bank  because the chuck steak wasn’t all that expensive.

Tonight we are having the leftovers!




Worried About the Flu?!

Are you hearing a lot of talk about the flu lately?  Is it making you paranoid?

Well, it is making me a little nervous and you know that whenever I feel anxious about something I start searching for information.  Of course I’ll share that info here with my readers!

First, influenza is a disease that is highly communicable, that means it’s catching.  If someone who has it coughs on you, or you happen to touch something they left their germs on then the bad news is you just might have picked up their virus.

A flu is worse than the general cold.  Colds are from viruses too, you can have a virus attack your throat, your nostrils, your eyes- and some of these viruses comprise the lungs and can turn simple cough and cold symptoms into pneumonia like symptoms.

Some people have said to me that the flu won’t give you diarrhea or vomiting. That isn’t quite true, children may sometimes experience stomach symptoms with the influenza virus.

Right now, a couple of places are worried about a flu pandemic.  That means a virulent strain that infects a large number of folks.  NYC is worried about this year’s flu being epidemic, but most patients that present in hospitals are given what is called a rapid flu test.  The rapid test is often wrong!  A culture takes a lot longer and sometimes needs more invasive procedures.  Most people aren’t having their nasal discharges suctioned out of their heads with a bulb, even though that is the best means of diagnosing the influenza virus.

Some people have wondered about the flu’s annual occurrence.  How can a virus show up every autumn?  Well, there are a couple of possible clues to what makes it a seasonal illness.  The first is that a lot of the material from the virus comes from migratory birds!  Since migrations are annual rites, the flu in it’s new and improved shape comes to visit certain places on the planet at regular times.

Another answer may come from the virus being killed by sunlight.  Surfaces that are in direct sunlight are going to be safer than indoor environments.  When Fall arrives, people move indoors and often work in close quarters.

The flu is a quick changing problem.  What might be a mild flu season one year, can come back with a slight genetic mutation in the next season and knock out a lot of people.  More people are harmed by this virus than let’s say automobile accidents annually, but we all have gotten used to it.  And  most of us get through it with a couple of extra blankets and some chicken soup.

But flu can cause internal bleeding, bleeding of the skin, eye and ear infections and serious bronchial illness.  So the US has decided that it’s a bad virus.  It keeps people going to hospitals and it keeps them from going to work and school.  The US has decided to make an effort to get everyone to get vaccinated.

Everyone doesn’t need to be vaccinated, but the authorities figure it’s easier to impress people with a sort of global need to be vaccinated, than it is to explain which groups fall into the “at risk” categories every year.  Sometimes flu will only harm infants, the elderly, and/or people with other health complications.  Unfortunately, some year’s bug will attack people who aren’t on the traditional “at risk” list.

In Europe there is a myth floating around that if you’ve had influenza once in your life you are probably safe from ever having it again.  When I read that I was shocked.  Here we are getting so used to the idea of “annual flu vaccines”.  I have come to accept that every year people are susceptible to catching the virus.  Apparently I was wrong, but it’s also true that the folks that thought that you can only get the virus once in a lifetime were wrong too.

I know I didn’t quite solve the problem of influenza.  I hope I explained a few things, like why we have come to think of the flu as an annual event even though the rest of the world doesn’t feel that way.

I have suggested that there are other viruses that might be causing flu-like symptoms around this time of year.  The tests for influenza are much more complicated than most of us have experienced and so, what officials are thinking is the flu, might not be but to be on the safe side, they’d rather fight the flu.

A vaccination will not protect you for sure.  It isn’t a live dose of the virus, and you’ll need to take it weeks to months before you are exposed, and one of the problems is that the types of virus change annually.  But the United States wants all Americans to protect themselves from influenza.

Stay safe, wash your hands, take some extra vitamin C and take good care of yourself if you start with chills and a scratchy throat and sneezing.





Bilingual? You Won’t Get Alzheimers as Quickly!

While it may be a little late to learn a second language for most adults, it turns out that speaking 2 languages may be more beneficial for our brains than anyone might have known.  It appears that folks who are bilingual from an early age are less likely to be crippled by senior dementia.

The brains of bilingual patients performed faster, and used less energy than the brains of “monolinguals”.

The good news for me is that I was alerted to this story by seeing it in Spanish.  I sure hope that will play out in my favor.

Read some more –

Brain imaging also revealed how bilingual individuals used less energy than monolingual seniors as they performed a task. Previous research stated that being bilingual helped protect the brain from age-related disease.

Apparently, a study published last year in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences shows that speaking two languages helps delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

The current study findings suggest that bilingual seniors use their brains more efficiently than monolingual seniors, study author Brian Gold of the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine said in a news release from the journal.

Even young bilingual and monolingual adults were reportedly tested and it was found that among the young participants, those who were bilingual did not switch from one task to another more quickly and did not have different patterns of brain activity.


IRS Delays Tax Returns!

The IRS  used to accept tax returns on January 8, which meant that some eager beavers would get their refund checks in late January, however this year, it sounds like the IRS will not be accepting returns until January 30, which means that checks for refunds won’t come out till sometime in mid February.  And don’t forget with the new processing centers, and the new techniques and the “fiscal cliff” we just narrowly avoided…well you’ll get your refund when you get it.

Or at least that is what the scuttlebutt is…let’s hope we’ll get refunds soon!




Watch Asteroid Apophis at 9pm Tonight!

This time the asteroid won’t be hitting earth…that won’t happen till about 2030, but it will be arcing overhead this evening.  If you want to check it out head over to this website-, and if that link doesn’t work it is http://www.slooh.com.

Let’s hope it doesn’t hit us because I’m okay with the plan that it hits us in the future, because then it will hit the west coast and that 500 megaton boom will cause tsunami’s up and down the coast.  Of course  I’m certainly worried for the people along the Pacific coast, but I don’t think the East Coast is quite ready for another big disaster.

Check it out.






E-Cycling Means Disposing Technology is On You!

As of January 24 this year, we will no longer be able to put old electronics out in the trash.  It turns out that the items we use daily to operate our fast paced lives have a lot of “heavy metals” hiding in them, and it appears that folks no longer want that stuff polluting dumps!

So the bad news is your local trash  hauler will be prohibited from picking up things like the following:

Computers – CPUs
Computer monitors
Computer peripherals
Fax machines
Home and office phones
Cell phones
Consumer electronics

The good news is that we’ll all be helping in a very small way, but together we’ll make a big difference!




Pork And Sauerkraut eh?

Ohio.com explains why it’s a New Year’s tradition to eat pork and sauerkraut in PA-

A Pennsylvania Dutch tradition says that it’s good luck to eat pork for the new year because pigs forage forward for their food and don’t look back.

Immigrants from Germany and across Eastern Europe brought the sauerkraut and pork tradition to Northeast Ohio. The practice probably has more to do with harvest and slaughter times than predicting good fortune.

In years past, food in the larder for winter was the equivalent of prosperity. Having a hog to slaughter and pork to eat at New Year’s meant a family would have food for the winter months.

Because cabbage is a late fall crop, the most efficient way to preserve it for the winter was by turning it into sauerkraut. Brining cabbage takes 6 to 8 weeks, which means that October kraut would be ready to eat just as the new year was arriving.