Could You Pass This Mental Health Test?

Try this…you may well need to take a test like this in the future.  It’s supposed to be simple enough, but some of the things would be tough for me and I don’t think that is because I’m impaired in any significant way…not yet at least.

Here is the test-

Folstein Mini-Mental Status Examination  (max 30, <26=concern, <24=further assessment)
Orientation         Score (max 10)
·  What is today’s date?       _____
·  What is the year?       _____
·  What is the month?       _____
·  What day is today?       _____
·  What season is it?       _____
·  What building are we in?      _____
·  What floor are we on?       _____
·  What town are we in?       _____
·  What province/county are we in?      _____
·  What country are we in?       _____

Registration         Score (max 3)
·  “ball”,”flag”,”tree”; ask to repeat. First     _____
repetition is score. Repeat until get
right or 6 times.

Attention & calculation
Score (max 5)
· 100-7’s for 5 subtractions      _____
· spell “world” backwards with 1 for each letter
in exactly the right place

Recall         Score (max 3)
· 3 previous words (from Registration)     _____

Language        Score(max 9)
· Name a watch and a pencil (2 points)     _____
· Repeat the following “no ifs, ands or buts” (1 point)             _____
· Follow a three stage command: “take the paper in
your right hand, fold it in half and put it on the
floor” (3 points)       _____
· Repeat and obey the following CLOSE YOUR EYES (1 point)  _____
· “Write a sentence”; must have noun, verb and be
sensible (1 point)       _____
· Draw 2 intersecting pentagons each side 1″. Must
have 10 angles and intersect (1 point)     _____
Total Score _____/30

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