Bilingual? You Won’t Get Alzheimers as Quickly!

While it may be a little late to learn a second language for most adults, it turns out that speaking 2 languages may be more beneficial for our brains than anyone might have known.  It appears that folks who are bilingual from an early age are less likely to be crippled by senior dementia.

The brains of bilingual patients performed faster, and used less energy than the brains of “monolinguals”.

The good news for me is that I was alerted to this story by seeing it in Spanish.  I sure hope that will play out in my favor.

Read some more –

Brain imaging also revealed how bilingual individuals used less energy than monolingual seniors as they performed a task. Previous research stated that being bilingual helped protect the brain from age-related disease.

Apparently, a study published last year in the journal Trends in Cognitive Sciences shows that speaking two languages helps delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

The current study findings suggest that bilingual seniors use their brains more efficiently than monolingual seniors, study author Brian Gold of the University Of Kentucky College Of Medicine said in a news release from the journal.

Even young bilingual and monolingual adults were reportedly tested and it was found that among the young participants, those who were bilingual did not switch from one task to another more quickly and did not have different patterns of brain activity.

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