Kiwi Yogurt in Pottstown

Has anyone been there yet?  I was over at the Upland Square Shopping Center tonight and I noticed the Kiwi next to Jake’s Wayback Burgers.

I know earlier I was talking about wanting a fruit juice bar in town, and while Kiwi Yogurt   isn’t quite what I was looking for it still seems like it might be a fun place to go. But I’m asking you folks first? Anyone been there yet?  What did you get?

Is it “pricey”?  Or as a new friend of mine says ” is it “spendy”.




1 thought on “Kiwi Yogurt in Pottstown”

  1. It’s good quality stuff, but they get you on the weight. You get a large bowl that you end up putting in more than you realize, which may be more than you can eat.

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