Pottstown Needs a Juice Bar!

I know it probably isn’t a great idea for me to broadcast my big ideas here on the world wide webby thing…but you know me, if I think it I start jabbering about it, and since it isn’t likely I am going to be able to find a location, purchase the equipment, and find a distributor for fresh fruits, I’m going to put it out into the atmosphere and hope someone hears me!

We need a fresh fruit juice bar!  I’m not big into drinking grass, but I want to have a place where I can order a smoothie, or a frappe, or a pressed juice!  I want it to have a nice sit down area, and I want it to be painted in some funky colors with fruity themed artwork.

I’d like to call it ” Juicy Fruits”  which might get me in big trouble with a chewing gum company, but maybe they won’t mind?

I can see the place now.  I just don’t know where in town that place exists.  Any ideas anyone?



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