Watch Asteroid Apophis at 9pm Tonight!

This time the asteroid won’t be hitting earth…that won’t happen till about 2030, but it will be arcing overhead this evening.  If you want to check it out head over to this website-, and if that link doesn’t work it is http://www.slooh.com.

Let’s hope it doesn’t hit us because I’m okay with the plan that it hits us in the future, because then it will hit the west coast and that 500 megaton boom will cause tsunami’s up and down the coast.  Of course  I’m certainly worried for the people along the Pacific coast, but I don’t think the East Coast is quite ready for another big disaster.

Check it out.






E-Cycling Means Disposing Technology is On You!

As of January 24 this year, we will no longer be able to put old electronics out in the trash.  It turns out that the items we use daily to operate our fast paced lives have a lot of “heavy metals” hiding in them, and it appears that folks no longer want that stuff polluting dumps!

So the bad news is your local trash  hauler will be prohibited from picking up things like the following:

Computers – CPUs
Computer monitors
Computer peripherals
Fax machines
Home and office phones
Cell phones
Consumer electronics

The good news is that we’ll all be helping in a very small way, but together we’ll make a big difference!




Pork And Sauerkraut eh?

Ohio.com explains why it’s a New Year’s tradition to eat pork and sauerkraut in PA-

A Pennsylvania Dutch tradition says that it’s good luck to eat pork for the new year because pigs forage forward for their food and don’t look back.

Immigrants from Germany and across Eastern Europe brought the sauerkraut and pork tradition to Northeast Ohio. The practice probably has more to do with harvest and slaughter times than predicting good fortune.

In years past, food in the larder for winter was the equivalent of prosperity. Having a hog to slaughter and pork to eat at New Year’s meant a family would have food for the winter months.

Because cabbage is a late fall crop, the most efficient way to preserve it for the winter was by turning it into sauerkraut. Brining cabbage takes 6 to 8 weeks, which means that October kraut would be ready to eat just as the new year was arriving.


Could You Pass This Mental Health Test?

Try this…you may well need to take a test like this in the future.  It’s supposed to be simple enough, but some of the things would be tough for me and I don’t think that is because I’m impaired in any significant way…not yet at least.

Here is the test-

Folstein Mini-Mental Status Examination  (max 30, <26=concern, <24=further assessment)
Orientation         Score (max 10)
·  What is today’s date?       _____
·  What is the year?       _____
·  What is the month?       _____
·  What day is today?       _____
·  What season is it?       _____
·  What building are we in?      _____
·  What floor are we on?       _____
·  What town are we in?       _____
·  What province/county are we in?      _____
·  What country are we in?       _____

Registration         Score (max 3)
·  “ball”,”flag”,”tree”; ask to repeat. First     _____
repetition is score. Repeat until get
right or 6 times.

Attention & calculation
Score (max 5)
· 100-7’s for 5 subtractions      _____
· spell “world” backwards with 1 for each letter
in exactly the right place

Recall         Score (max 3)
· 3 previous words (from Registration)     _____

Language        Score(max 9)
· Name a watch and a pencil (2 points)     _____
· Repeat the following “no ifs, ands or buts” (1 point)             _____
· Follow a three stage command: “take the paper in
your right hand, fold it in half and put it on the
floor” (3 points)       _____
· Repeat and obey the following CLOSE YOUR EYES (1 point)  _____
· “Write a sentence”; must have noun, verb and be
sensible (1 point)       _____
· Draw 2 intersecting pentagons each side 1″. Must
have 10 angles and intersect (1 point)     _____
Total Score _____/30