In A World Without a Pope!

I just read the last speech of Pope Benedict.  I’m what you’d call a lapsed Catholic, and so it felt kind of odd reading about a “lapsed Pope”.  The whole thing is odd isn’t it?  To see him being whisked away from the Vatican to go to where he’ll be living from now on, that was strange.  It was like sending off a former President.

His speech was a mix of personal thanks and he also included a reminder about the Petrine mission, or about being Pope.  He said he sometimes felt like he was in the “barque” or ship as the wind was tossing and turning the little vessel, he knew that Jesus was not asleep, he was present.  He talked about feeling the presence of God daily, and yet, he also talked about understanding how it felt to feel at a loss.

He gave thanks for the gift of Faith.  He gave his audience a prayer of thanks to God.  And then he said he wished the Cardinals well and he expected that he’d be a  servant of God, even if his role was not at the “front of the house”.  He’s not going to tour and travel. He’s going to pray and study.

He talked about the Church and it’s unique nature.  The people that sent him messages and letters talked to him as brothers and sisters, or as children.  He said that the Church was a family.

What does a family do when the head of the family leaves or withdraws?  I guess we’d all try to take care of one another.  I think  we’d like to imagine we all would behave at our best while waiting for someone else to take up the mantle of leadership.  I think we’d wait abidingly.

For those of my readers who are saddened by today’s events, I offer you my gentle encouragement.  Make Pope Benedict proud…Have Faith.





I’m Not Telling You What I Do For a Living!

Sometimes I’d like to mention my workplace, and actually I might have done it accidentally once or twice, but I’m pretty good about not naming the company I work for.  You see, I was asked not to.  It was a promise I made when I was hired and I’m sticking to it because I know that companies need to know that they can trust their employees.

I’m not always great about sticking to my word, but it’s not because I’m reckless, or untrustworthy, no, mostly it’s because I’m forgetful and I  make mistakes sometimes.  But this time, I’m trying to be as sincere about this promise as I can…which is  a shame, because I really believe in the thing I am doing.

Promises are promises!  I’ve been quiet about it for years now!  You are surprised aren’t you?! 🙂

What I think I can say is I like my job a lot.  I like seeing happy faces.  I like seeing delighted surprised looks.  I like seeing mastery in little people.

There, that is it.

I hope you are enjoying your work.  I understand if you can’t talk about it much.  I just hope you love it.


If you are wondering why I’d make a public service type announcement like this, well, it’s because I get googled a lot ,and I’m interested in letting people know without having to read this entire blog, that I take my vows sincerely, and I take my friendships even more seriously!



Thanks Mr. Windshield!

My Jeep needed a new windshield.  I don’t know what happened, I was driving along when suddenly I heard a sharp crack.  NO, I wasn’t shot at, so don’t be ridiculous…my glass just cracked.  I wonder if it had something to do with the cold and the fact that it’s old and it already has plenty of crazing all over it?  Anyhow, it was cracked and I needed a new replacement window, so I had my bestest, most wonderfullest, husband in the world call the insurance company and they told us to find a glass dealer in our area, and we found Mr. Windshield!

We set up a time that they could come meet me while I was at my office and they were there before I got there to start my day.  They replaced the glass in a half an hour and then they gave me back my keys and told me not to get my car washed for 3 days.

Now I’m going to say thanks to my favorite auto mechanic in the world….John McGrath!  He’s going to fix my inspection stickers and I’m set to zoom all over town!

If you see me in the taupe Jeep, just wave!




VAWA Passed!

Today the phone rang.  I picked it up.  A robotic female voice told me that I had some serious issues about something that would impact funding for Seniors.  For a second, I smugly though that it didn’t matter to me, I’m not a senior citizen yet!  But I listened to the robocaller for a little while longer.  She wrapped up her statement and the offered to connect me at no cost to my local representative Jim Gerlach.  Wow, at no cost?  Sign me up! 🙂

Actually, I didn’t press one to be connected to Jim.  I don’t talk to him a lot, as a matter of fact I rarely talk to him, but I’ve talked with him a couple of times, and I’ll bet that he’d acknowledge me if I talked to him personally again, but that is not the point, the point is that I had an opportunity to contact a political representative about something going on on Capital Hill.  I wondered why there wasn’t a push for folks to get their leaders to vote for VAWA, or the Violence Against Women Act.

I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to snag the call for my own purposes, afterall, it wouldn’t cost me much to contact my political leaders on my own anyhow!  So, I tried to find out, before I had to call anyone up and give them a piece of my mind, whether VAWA had passed.  And the good news, at least in my opinion was that IT HAD!

There were a couple of concerns from politicians in the House about the act.  They were worried about American citizens being hauled into Native American courts if they had abused women on Native American land.  Now I get that this is an issue, but I also heard something that bothered me about what happens to Native American women when a man who isn’t a  tribal member abuses them, or abuses their families.  NOTHING.  Nothing happens because the Tribal Courts don’t have jurisdiction over men who aren’t part of the Indian nation.  Senator Grassley worried about taking away citizens rights and giving them over into Native American courts….he couldn’t see why we had to have that in a bill that protected women.

There are also probably some politicos  upset that it increases the number of “aliens” who can try to get acceptance here in the US when their partner has been abusive towards them.  Grassley says that this is a method of crooks and cheats to get easy access to the US, but we are talking about 15,000 spots.  It’s a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Some pundits have complained that violence against women is something that rabid feminists are barking about, they say that domestic violence is a problem among men and women.  But, and this is a big but,  women have been silent on the issue for far too long and as you can see by the number of  lady Republicans that voted against the Senates plan….ladies don’t have a problem with it.

It’s a lot of money, and I am concerned about wasting funds when we don’t have them as a nation, but I think it’s important that we stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves because they are afraid!

Don’t imagine everyone is perfectly happy and living in blissful partnerships.  It just ain’t so.

I’m glad VAWA passed.





Is There Horse in That?

Oh my goodness, this morning while on my drive to work  I was listening to a radio program about horse meat in IKEA food.  Zoiks!

The host asked about the problem with having horse meat in your food and the journalist on the story said the problem was “bute” which is that drug they give to horses that works on a horse sort of like a pain killer, but doesn’t work in the same way in humans, as a matter of fact, in humans I believe it’s been banned in the US probably because of it’s carcinogenic nature in people.

Anyhow, I was listening to a story about horses as food and honestly, I can’t get comfy with it.  I know it’s a silly attitude, I am willing to eat a pig, and I’m willing to eat a cow, what makes a horse sacrosanct?  Sorry, no answer is forthcoming, but nonetheless, I don’t particularly want to hear about eating horses all the time.

I do have to share though, that at the store today as I was looking in the freezer, I was wondering about some of the prepared products in there.  And I swear I wondered for a nanosecond ” Is there horse in that?”  Heh.

Ridiculous isn’t it?  The problem so far appears to be in Europe and not in the US…that means we are safe right?





Who Cares About the Kardashians?

I’m so glad it isn’t just me that doesn’t give one hoot about what the Kardashians are doing.  And yet, they and their antics are all over the place.  I thought it must have just been me, I wasn’t hating on Kim and her sisters, I just didn’t care about their clothing choices, or their life partners, and I couldn’t understand why everyone else cared so much.

Well, it was so much fun today for me to listen to the lady standing behind me at the Dollar Store in Stowe.  At first I thought she was talking to herself when she said ” she is such a stupid girl, why would she throw herself away with a guy that abused her?  If he abused her once, he’ll do it again.”  At first I thought she was talking on her cell and I was a little  piqued because I thought that she was having a very private conversation so I turned towards her and she looked straight at me and then at the magazine  rack near the cash register.  The woman said to me, Rhianna is crazy.  I shook my head in affirmation and then I said,  “It’s  love” sort of airily.   And the woman in full dudgeon said “That’s not love, that is stupidity!”  And I shook my head as if to agree with her.  Then she asked me “What do you think  about having to see what those Kardashians’ are up to every day?”  And I nodded sort of wincing and said ” I know,I couldn’t care less.”  The man standing behind her said ” I wouldn’t have anything to do with them, they aren’t worth my trouble.”

I grinned, paid the cashier and picked up my yellow bags.  I smiled at  the people in the line and I said, ” Have a great day.”  And I heard in response, ” You too hon.”

I don’t wish any harm to the Kardashians, and I certainly would like it if Rhianna took better care of her heart, but average people have seriously had enough!



aka Ms. Average!


A Circle Around Yourself!

Imagine this, if you were to draw a circle around yourself,  how many other people would that circle contain?  For example, how many people in your circle are family members?  How many are friends from work?  How many did you know through church?  Or through casual membership of groups?  How many people do you know?

I was thinking about that the other day.  When I started playing with the idea of drawing concentric circles around myself, I realized that my circles expand pretty far away from me, ( if I’m the center).  I know a lot of folks, but I don’t consider them all to be a part of my life, which is rather silly when I think on it.  I mean, unless there was a major falling out, why should I forget people?  Sure, people  will fall away, there will be people you get to know and then you move on…but once you know someone, even casually, aren’t you still related in some metaphysical way?

I dare you to think about it…think about the people you’ve had come into your life, and think about the people you’ve seen fade out of your life.  The likelihood is that if you were to see those people you’d probably feel some kind of pleasure.  Imagine something like that old television show ” This is Your Life!”

Well, um…this is your life!  Those people, they were meaningful to you if you remembered them.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not  suggesting you stalk everyone who’s ever passed through your door, but don’t forget them.





Yay Maura!

My baby girl is in Crew over at OJR and I am so proud of her and all the kids who worked like crazy this season!

The OJR team also competed in the Main Line Slide at Villanova University. Participating in the junior men’s division were Chris Kovach and Nick Bellini. Participating in the junior women’s division were Bennett, Emily Diehl, Chloe Hills, Rachael Tobinus, Allison Speelhoffer and Alexandra Williams. Participating in the high school lightweight men’s division were Daniel Bendyk and Andrew Mento. Novices Austin Edleman, Gabe Monteleone and Jason Wierzbicki competed in the junior frosh men’s division. Michaela Kowatch, Olivia Love, Emery Chew, Xochi Sykes, Samantha Aguirre, and Maura Gallant competed with the junior frosh women.


Philosophy and Me!

I’m still taking my Coursera courses and I’m enjoying them immensely.  You can join me anytime, just send me an email and I’ll tell you which class to find me in!

Recently I’ve been taking some courses in philosophy.  I’ve learned that it isn’t a science, although some people still say it is, I mean afterall, when you get a Doctorate in something you are a Ph.D, or a Doctor of Philosophy!

I’ve learned that there are a lot of atheists in the philosophy game.  I guess that is true of a lot of scientists too, but the root of it is that God can’t be proven in any way, so they just pretend that there is no reason to need a supreme being, or original mover.  Although, even the philosopher that invested extra energy in proclaiming “God is dead” posited, or suggested that there were things called “eternal recurrences” which he didn’t bother to explain that have something to do with the eternal nature of our experience.

I’m certainly learning a lot, I’m learning how to use words like:

transcendentalism, marxism, phenomenalism, a priori information, Kantian, Platonic, relativism, objectivism, emotivism, and an awful lot more!

In some ways my opinions have been reset.  There were things that I hadn’t thought of before that have inspired some searching on my part.  Like I was comfortable with the way I thought about capitalism and I was a little too accepting of the idea that we raise kids up to get them great jobs to be productive individuals in society…and while that is a great thing in a capitalist society, it might not be the best thing for raising children in the world.  I mean, I guess it works, but it isn’t what life is about is it?  Raising children to go out and get a great job?  That isn’t what life is about is it?

Unfortunately, it’s too late for me, my kids are raised and I think they’ll do well in the world as we all know it, but I sort of get what the hippies were saying in the 70’s.  I just hadn’t paid them any mind till now.


It’s never too late to learn.  But honestly, my learning philosophy has got me thinking that I might like to sing more.  Philosophy, even while it can be dry and difficult, has made me see that my world view needs to be expanded once in a while.  We aren’t living in a rat race!  WE are living in our minds.

How are you going to make your mind happy today?






What’s Okay In Marriage or Serious Relationships!

Ms. Paul over at the Huff Post had a list of things that she thought young married people should see, I think she was addressing herself particularly to the women in the equation,but trust me, both parties should take a look at this list and hopefully that will help them understand that long term relationships aren’t about 24/7 romance…sometimes they are about doing your own thing while being aware you are in a committed relationship.

Check out the ideas that some members of her blog came up with:

It’s OK not to like your husband.

It’s OK, and even healthy, to want to be alone for a day or two.

It’s OK not to want to do every activity with your husband.

It’s OK to find other men attractive (just don’t act on it).

It’s OK to feel nothing but love one minute, hatred the next, annoyance the next, ambivalence the next, back to love toward your husband all in one hour.

It’s OK to want to be selfish sometimes.

It’s OK to do things and think about things in different ways. It doesn’t mean one of you is right and one of you is wrong.


It’s OK not to want sex all the time (but giving in even when it’s the last thing you want to do is OK, too).

Those are just some that I thought of. Anyone find anything else that caught them off guard but is really OK in the realm of marriage?

And women did. Here are some other responses:

  • It’s okay to feel bored.
  • It’s okay to sit on the couch and have nothing to talk about.
  • It’s okay to want time alone.
  • It’s okay not to miss your partner every time you’re away from each other.
  • It’s okay not to want to rip his/her clothes off every time he/she walks through the door.
  • It’s okay to feel annoyed.
  • It’s okay to wonder about other people.
  • It’s okay to have doubt.
  • It’s okay to have uncertainty.
  • It’s okay not to think all of your partner’s jokes are funny.
  • It’s okay to feel awkward around each other, even after being together for many years.