I picked up a book called Descartes’ Bones at the library this weekend and I’m done reading it already!

It was sort of a detective story, with a fascinating look at history.  It seems that Descartes, who  some of us know as  the genius who said ” I think therefore I am”..  (.well, sort of), has had his bones  buried and dug up and reburied and moved several times.  Unbelievably, his skull was separated from the rest of his bones!   It was found  years later and thanks in part to Descartes sincere attempts to enlighten man with science, and his efforts to bring reason to man, scientists in our generation were able to recreate the facial structure for that skull.  The face then was compared to a portrait of Descartes and voila’!  It is a match.

Isn’t that a cool story?

The author, in talking about Descartes famous ” I think, therefore I am” explained it by saying that he accepted that the only thing he could be sure of was that he was thinking of what was going on in his experience.  That was the only thing that he could be absolutely sure of.






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