What is Religion Good For?

I know that is an awful title, because I have a deep and abiding respect for religion, but I’m reading another book by Alain de Botton called Religion for Atheists. And he starts by talking about what faith offers it’s adherents that atheists haven’t been able to enjoy.  For example, he talks about Christians gathering for meals.  There is a sense of community that eating together brings people.

He mentioned that you can’t get it by going out to a restaurant.  There you’ll be seated at your own table and there isn’t much opportunity to talk to other diners.  You go sit down, talk to your own party and leave.  He suggests that we think about creating restaurants where you can go in and sit down and meet people while you are eating, perhaps talk about things that are important  to your local community.  It would be a place to have that “agape”  or love meal.

I really wish places like that did exist.

Think about it with me.





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