Horse For Dinner?!

If you’ve listened to global news lately, you are bound to have heard about the concerns that beef products in the UK have been “tainted” with horsemeat.

It looks like it’s the result of global buying that looks something like this- Buyer A gets a commitment for a product from supplier B, which gets it’s meat from supplier C.  If supplier C is selling something that isn’t quite exactly what Buyer A wanted, who is to know without testing?

In this case, hamburger products, or a lasagna product was not  made with beef, but with well, you now know what was in it.  I don’t have to beat it to death do I?

My only reason for writing about this mess here is because I was just reading an article about it in the Telegraph  and they mentioned that Aldi removed all of their products from a particular distributor.  Aldi.  Now we don’t have Tescos  here, and we haven’t heard about the company that made the Lasagna, but we do have Aldi’s.

I then wondered, other than the ick factor of eating a nice old horse, what the worry was?  And it turns out that it is chemical worry- phenylbutane.  That works to  stop horses  from having pains from inflammation, but it doesn’t actually help humans.  Heck, it might not help horses, but at this point we are worried about people eating horses, so who cares about horses here?

I’m going to find out  what I can about  this “bute”, and I’ll keep my ears open for news about American companies that have suddenly found out that some of their products contain horse.  If I find it, I’m going to post it!




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