Autocorrect in Construction!

This morning I was complaining about the auto-correct feature on my phone.  I’m sure you’ve heard similar complaints before, or maybe you’ve had a similar problem.  I type what I am thinking into my phone and it changes right before my eyes.  Ugh.

Anyhow, I was complaining about it to my husband, who works in construction and he said he had problems of his own with auto-correct, for example, when he types “unfaced insulation” it is a word that has meaning to him and his cohorts.  He means insulation without what most people would call  backing, it’s either mylar, or kraft paper. His phone interprets that word as ” unlaced”  Insulation that isn’t lacy?

Another problem word is pre-tied.  I’m not going to explain that word, but just accept it has meaning in his industry.  His phone wants the word to be “prettied”  which isn’t a word most guys in construction are thinking about when ordering material.  Can you imagine contractors ordering “the pretty stuff”?

I couldn’t help but giggle while listening to my big, broad shouldered guy, complaining about  messages about insulating buildings and installing ceiling fixtures which  turn into delicate notes about lace and pretty things.

Next time I feel frustrated by my auto-correct, I’m  going to remember it’s delicate nature. 🙂





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