Sugar to Heal Wounds?

This morning I was reading about a new study that looked at the healing properties of plain old granulated sugar for deep wounds that were either not healing, or that were taking an extra long time to heal over.

Apparently it is common knowledge in Africa that you can place sugar in a wound and then cover it and somehow the sugar causes the wound to express water into the surrounding dressing.

I started looking for “manuka honey” as a product that might be helpful in healing wounds…that was when I found out that honey, whether it was manuka or not, was helpful in healing.  From honey, I found the sugar story.

Isn’t that odd?

Now don’t you listen to what I say without looking into it yourself.  I’m not a professional medical provider and I’m just talking about my own views here on this blog.  But if you do have a wound that isn’t healing properly, ask your doctor about the sugar, or honey for healing?!




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