No Pottstown Fireworks!

Awwww, it’s a shame that this year there aren’t going to be any fireworks over in Memorial Park.  I have some lovely memories of being in the park and seeing the display of bright explosions and hearing the ooh’s and the ahhh’s.

I remember the singers, and the bands, and the food trucks and the families all parked on the big lawns with coolers and beach chairs and balloons.

And now, because we couldn’t raise 60,000 dollars for our celebration, it’s done.  Kaput.  Finished.

The thing that bothers me more than the fact that this year’s celebration has been cancelled is that the July 4th committee, who I am sure do an awful lot for the town, decided to cancel back in December and we are only hearing about it at the end of February.  Hmmmm.

What is really bizarre, is that there are plenty of businesses that could have advertised for this event in this area.  I’m not saying that it all should have been on local businesses, but this is the kind of thing that establishes a community feeling.  There are plenty of small contractors doing business in folks homes in the local area that could have pooled their finances to create the fireworks display and gotten some decent return on their good will.

I hate to think that we’ll have to wait till 2014 to see if maybe someone will be kind enough to stump for some dough for next year’s July 4th celebration, but it looks like that is the only option we have left anymore.  Pllththpppth.

I’m feeling a little bummed guys, I don’t like the feeling of saying ” once upon a time….we had fireworks…a radio station…a huge parade for Christmas with candy raining down on High Street.

Once upon a time in Pottstown…..

Can you help make it a better story?  Tell us how.







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