Philosophy and Me!

I’m still taking my Coursera courses and I’m enjoying them immensely.  You can join me anytime, just send me an email and I’ll tell you which class to find me in!

Recently I’ve been taking some courses in philosophy.  I’ve learned that it isn’t a science, although some people still say it is, I mean afterall, when you get a Doctorate in something you are a Ph.D, or a Doctor of Philosophy!

I’ve learned that there are a lot of atheists in the philosophy game.  I guess that is true of a lot of scientists too, but the root of it is that God can’t be proven in any way, so they just pretend that there is no reason to need a supreme being, or original mover.  Although, even the philosopher that invested extra energy in proclaiming “God is dead” posited, or suggested that there were things called “eternal recurrences” which he didn’t bother to explain that have something to do with the eternal nature of our experience.

I’m certainly learning a lot, I’m learning how to use words like:

transcendentalism, marxism, phenomenalism, a priori information, Kantian, Platonic, relativism, objectivism, emotivism, and an awful lot more!

In some ways my opinions have been reset.  There were things that I hadn’t thought of before that have inspired some searching on my part.  Like I was comfortable with the way I thought about capitalism and I was a little too accepting of the idea that we raise kids up to get them great jobs to be productive individuals in society…and while that is a great thing in a capitalist society, it might not be the best thing for raising children in the world.  I mean, I guess it works, but it isn’t what life is about is it?  Raising children to go out and get a great job?  That isn’t what life is about is it?

Unfortunately, it’s too late for me, my kids are raised and I think they’ll do well in the world as we all know it, but I sort of get what the hippies were saying in the 70’s.  I just hadn’t paid them any mind till now.


It’s never too late to learn.  But honestly, my learning philosophy has got me thinking that I might like to sing more.  Philosophy, even while it can be dry and difficult, has made me see that my world view needs to be expanded once in a while.  We aren’t living in a rat race!  WE are living in our minds.

How are you going to make your mind happy today?





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