A Circle Around Yourself!

Imagine this, if you were to draw a circle around yourself,  how many other people would that circle contain?  For example, how many people in your circle are family members?  How many are friends from work?  How many did you know through church?  Or through casual membership of groups?  How many people do you know?

I was thinking about that the other day.  When I started playing with the idea of drawing concentric circles around myself, I realized that my circles expand pretty far away from me, ( if I’m the center).  I know a lot of folks, but I don’t consider them all to be a part of my life, which is rather silly when I think on it.  I mean, unless there was a major falling out, why should I forget people?  Sure, people  will fall away, there will be people you get to know and then you move on…but once you know someone, even casually, aren’t you still related in some metaphysical way?

I dare you to think about it…think about the people you’ve had come into your life, and think about the people you’ve seen fade out of your life.  The likelihood is that if you were to see those people you’d probably feel some kind of pleasure.  Imagine something like that old television show ” This is Your Life!”

Well, um…this is your life!  Those people, they were meaningful to you if you remembered them.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not  suggesting you stalk everyone who’s ever passed through your door, but don’t forget them.




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