Is There Horse in That?

Oh my goodness, this morning while on my drive to work  I was listening to a radio program about horse meat in IKEA food.  Zoiks!

The host asked about the problem with having horse meat in your food and the journalist on the story said the problem was “bute” which is that drug they give to horses that works on a horse sort of like a pain killer, but doesn’t work in the same way in humans, as a matter of fact, in humans I believe it’s been banned in the US probably because of it’s carcinogenic nature in people.

Anyhow, I was listening to a story about horses as food and honestly, I can’t get comfy with it.  I know it’s a silly attitude, I am willing to eat a pig, and I’m willing to eat a cow, what makes a horse sacrosanct?  Sorry, no answer is forthcoming, but nonetheless, I don’t particularly want to hear about eating horses all the time.

I do have to share though, that at the store today as I was looking in the freezer, I was wondering about some of the prepared products in there.  And I swear I wondered for a nanosecond ” Is there horse in that?”  Heh.

Ridiculous isn’t it?  The problem so far appears to be in Europe and not in the US…that means we are safe right?




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