Who Cares About the Kardashians?

I’m so glad it isn’t just me that doesn’t give one hoot about what the Kardashians are doing.  And yet, they and their antics are all over the place.  I thought it must have just been me, I wasn’t hating on Kim and her sisters, I just didn’t care about their clothing choices, or their life partners, and I couldn’t understand why everyone else cared so much.

Well, it was so much fun today for me to listen to the lady standing behind me at the Dollar Store in Stowe.  At first I thought she was talking to herself when she said ” she is such a stupid girl, why would she throw herself away with a guy that abused her?  If he abused her once, he’ll do it again.”  At first I thought she was talking on her cell and I was a little  piqued because I thought that she was having a very private conversation so I turned towards her and she looked straight at me and then at the magazine  rack near the cash register.  The woman said to me, Rhianna is crazy.  I shook my head in affirmation and then I said,  “It’s  love” sort of airily.   And the woman in full dudgeon said “That’s not love, that is stupidity!”  And I shook my head as if to agree with her.  Then she asked me “What do you think  about having to see what those Kardashians’ are up to every day?”  And I nodded sort of wincing and said ” I know,I couldn’t care less.”  The man standing behind her said ” I wouldn’t have anything to do with them, they aren’t worth my trouble.”

I grinned, paid the cashier and picked up my yellow bags.  I smiled at  the people in the line and I said, ” Have a great day.”  And I heard in response, ” You too hon.”

I don’t wish any harm to the Kardashians, and I certainly would like it if Rhianna took better care of her heart, but average people have seriously had enough!



aka Ms. Average!

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