I’m Not Telling You What I Do For a Living!

Sometimes I’d like to mention my workplace, and actually I might have done it accidentally once or twice, but I’m pretty good about not naming the company I work for.  You see, I was asked not to.  It was a promise I made when I was hired and I’m sticking to it because I know that companies need to know that they can trust their employees.

I’m not always great about sticking to my word, but it’s not because I’m reckless, or untrustworthy, no, mostly it’s because I’m forgetful and I  make mistakes sometimes.  But this time, I’m trying to be as sincere about this promise as I can…which is  a shame, because I really believe in the thing I am doing.

Promises are promises!  I’ve been quiet about it for years now!  You are surprised aren’t you?! 🙂

What I think I can say is I like my job a lot.  I like seeing happy faces.  I like seeing delighted surprised looks.  I like seeing mastery in little people.

There, that is it.

I hope you are enjoying your work.  I understand if you can’t talk about it much.  I just hope you love it.


If you are wondering why I’d make a public service type announcement like this, well, it’s because I get googled a lot ,and I’m interested in letting people know without having to read this entire blog, that I take my vows sincerely, and I take my friendships even more seriously!


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