Thanks Mr. Windshield!

My Jeep needed a new windshield.  I don’t know what happened, I was driving along when suddenly I heard a sharp crack.  NO, I wasn’t shot at, so don’t be ridiculous…my glass just cracked.  I wonder if it had something to do with the cold and the fact that it’s old and it already has plenty of crazing all over it?  Anyhow, it was cracked and I needed a new replacement window, so I had my bestest, most wonderfullest, husband in the world call the insurance company and they told us to find a glass dealer in our area, and we found Mr. Windshield!

We set up a time that they could come meet me while I was at my office and they were there before I got there to start my day.  They replaced the glass in a half an hour and then they gave me back my keys and told me not to get my car washed for 3 days.

Now I’m going to say thanks to my favorite auto mechanic in the world….John McGrath!  He’s going to fix my inspection stickers and I’m set to zoom all over town!

If you see me in the taupe Jeep, just wave!



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