Yay Maura!

My baby girl is in Crew over at OJR and I am so proud of her and all the kids who worked like crazy this season!

The OJR team also competed in the Main Line Slide at Villanova University. Participating in the junior men’s division were Chris Kovach and Nick Bellini. Participating in the junior women’s division were Bennett, Emily Diehl, Chloe Hills, Rachael Tobinus, Allison Speelhoffer and Alexandra Williams. Participating in the high school lightweight men’s division were Daniel Bendyk and Andrew Mento. Novices Austin Edleman, Gabe Monteleone and Jason Wierzbicki competed in the junior frosh men’s division. Michaela Kowatch, Olivia Love, Emery Chew, Xochi Sykes, Samantha Aguirre, and Maura Gallant competed with the junior frosh women.


Philosophy and Me!

I’m still taking my Coursera courses and I’m enjoying them immensely.  You can join me anytime, just send me an email and I’ll tell you which class to find me in!

Recently I’ve been taking some courses in philosophy.  I’ve learned that it isn’t a science, although some people still say it is, I mean afterall, when you get a Doctorate in something you are a Ph.D, or a Doctor of Philosophy!

I’ve learned that there are a lot of atheists in the philosophy game.  I guess that is true of a lot of scientists too, but the root of it is that God can’t be proven in any way, so they just pretend that there is no reason to need a supreme being, or original mover.  Although, even the philosopher that invested extra energy in proclaiming “God is dead” posited, or suggested that there were things called “eternal recurrences” which he didn’t bother to explain that have something to do with the eternal nature of our experience.

I’m certainly learning a lot, I’m learning how to use words like:

transcendentalism, marxism, phenomenalism, a priori information, Kantian, Platonic, relativism, objectivism, emotivism, and an awful lot more!

In some ways my opinions have been reset.  There were things that I hadn’t thought of before that have inspired some searching on my part.  Like I was comfortable with the way I thought about capitalism and I was a little too accepting of the idea that we raise kids up to get them great jobs to be productive individuals in society…and while that is a great thing in a capitalist society, it might not be the best thing for raising children in the world.  I mean, I guess it works, but it isn’t what life is about is it?  Raising children to go out and get a great job?  That isn’t what life is about is it?

Unfortunately, it’s too late for me, my kids are raised and I think they’ll do well in the world as we all know it, but I sort of get what the hippies were saying in the 70’s.  I just hadn’t paid them any mind till now.


It’s never too late to learn.  But honestly, my learning philosophy has got me thinking that I might like to sing more.  Philosophy, even while it can be dry and difficult, has made me see that my world view needs to be expanded once in a while.  We aren’t living in a rat race!  WE are living in our minds.

How are you going to make your mind happy today?






What’s Okay In Marriage or Serious Relationships!

Ms. Paul over at the Huff Post had a list of things that she thought young married people should see, I think she was addressing herself particularly to the women in the equation,but trust me, both parties should take a look at this list and hopefully that will help them understand that long term relationships aren’t about 24/7 romance…sometimes they are about doing your own thing while being aware you are in a committed relationship.

Check out the ideas that some members of her blog came up with:

It’s OK not to like your husband.

It’s OK, and even healthy, to want to be alone for a day or two.

It’s OK not to want to do every activity with your husband.

It’s OK to find other men attractive (just don’t act on it).

It’s OK to feel nothing but love one minute, hatred the next, annoyance the next, ambivalence the next, back to love toward your husband all in one hour.

It’s OK to want to be selfish sometimes.

It’s OK to do things and think about things in different ways. It doesn’t mean one of you is right and one of you is wrong.


It’s OK not to want sex all the time (but giving in even when it’s the last thing you want to do is OK, too).

Those are just some that I thought of. Anyone find anything else that caught them off guard but is really OK in the realm of marriage?

And women did. Here are some other responses:

  • It’s okay to feel bored.
  • It’s okay to sit on the couch and have nothing to talk about.
  • It’s okay to want time alone.
  • It’s okay not to miss your partner every time you’re away from each other.
  • It’s okay not to want to rip his/her clothes off every time he/she walks through the door.
  • It’s okay to feel annoyed.
  • It’s okay to wonder about other people.
  • It’s okay to have doubt.
  • It’s okay to have uncertainty.
  • It’s okay not to think all of your partner’s jokes are funny.
  • It’s okay to feel awkward around each other, even after being together for many years.




No Pottstown Fireworks!

Awwww, it’s a shame that this year there aren’t going to be any fireworks over in Memorial Park.  I have some lovely memories of being in the park and seeing the display of bright explosions and hearing the ooh’s and the ahhh’s.

I remember the singers, and the bands, and the food trucks and the families all parked on the big lawns with coolers and beach chairs and balloons.

And now, because we couldn’t raise 60,000 dollars for our celebration, it’s done.  Kaput.  Finished.

The thing that bothers me more than the fact that this year’s celebration has been cancelled is that the July 4th committee, who I am sure do an awful lot for the town, decided to cancel back in December and we are only hearing about it at the end of February.  Hmmmm.

What is really bizarre, is that there are plenty of businesses that could have advertised for this event in this area.  I’m not saying that it all should have been on local businesses, but this is the kind of thing that establishes a community feeling.  There are plenty of small contractors doing business in folks homes in the local area that could have pooled their finances to create the fireworks display and gotten some decent return on their good will.

I hate to think that we’ll have to wait till 2014 to see if maybe someone will be kind enough to stump for some dough for next year’s July 4th celebration, but it looks like that is the only option we have left anymore.  Pllththpppth.

I’m feeling a little bummed guys, I don’t like the feeling of saying ” once upon a time….we had fireworks…a radio station…a huge parade for Christmas with candy raining down on High Street.

Once upon a time in Pottstown…..

Can you help make it a better story?  Tell us how.








Russia’s Boom!

It was pretty freaky this morning to find out about the meteorite that hit Russia. I quickly found a video of it on Youtube and saw the bolide streaking through the sky and then I heard the resounding boom!

On my way to work, I have to admit I was looking out the window hoping I wasn’t going to run into any more meteorites.  Luckily, I made it safely to High Street 🙂

It’s also wonderful that we weren’t hit by that fly-by asteroid this afternoon.  I sent texts to my kids suggesting that they keep an eye out for bits of falling sky. I signed off ” Chicken Little”.




Sugar to Heal Wounds?

This morning I was reading about a new study that looked at the healing properties of plain old granulated sugar for deep wounds that were either not healing, or that were taking an extra long time to heal over.

Apparently it is common knowledge in Africa that you can place sugar in a wound and then cover it and somehow the sugar causes the wound to express water into the surrounding dressing.

I started looking for “manuka honey” as a product that might be helpful in healing wounds…that was when I found out that honey, whether it was manuka or not, was helpful in healing.  From honey, I found the sugar story.

Isn’t that odd?

Now don’t you listen to what I say without looking into it yourself.  I’m not a professional medical provider and I’m just talking about my own views here on this blog.  But if you do have a wound that isn’t healing properly, ask your doctor about the sugar, or honey for healing?!




Shrove Tuesday’s Over!

Yesterday was Mardi Gras, or Shrove Tuesday.  It is the beginning of the season of Lent.  Shrove is past tense of “shrive” which means to shed, or in a religious sense, it means to confess.  And of course it’s also pancake day, or doughnut day and that is because it’s a day when you clear your cupboards of things that are fatty or delicious…and what is the best way to get rid of sugar and fat and sweets?

A:  Eat them all at once!

I had been watching all the buxom ladies who were in the Mardi Gras parades, and honestly, it made me feel sort of itchy.  Can you imagine having spangles attached all over your body?  I certainly couldn’t, although, even with spangles all over my body I still wouldnt’ look like those women look!  Sheesh.

So, I decided to find some dancing that wasn’t quite as r-rated…of course I didn’t quite succeed; the stuff I found seems  a lot more, lets say graphic,  when it comes to showing off the physical bodies of it’s presenters, or dancers.  It’s called Butoh.

Butoh dancers paint their bodies white, wear minimal clothing, and writhe as if they are operated from outside their bodies.  Think of Japanese grudge flicks.

I’m not linking, but I dare you to watch some of those Youtubes before bed!  After I watched them, I wanted pancakes, or doughnuts.  Go watch!  You’ll see.