Happy Easter!

Good Morning and God Bless!

I’d like to greet those of you who are celebrating this holiday by attending your local church, and I’d also like to say Happy Easter to those of you who aren’t.  Today is a holiday that celebrates renewal and rebirth and for those of us who are Christian, the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus.  It’s also a holiday where families gather together with friends for food and where children get excited about rabbits and chicks and Easter baskets.

That is quite a mixed celebration isn’t it?

But you know what?  There are a lot of people who  want to deny themselves the right to get together with friends and family…or who  want to keep confectionary treats away from this celebration…or who want to say it’s all built on nonsense.  You can find a lot of disagreement in the world about whether today is the right day to celebrate that resurrection, or you’ll find folks arguing about those candy bunnies and chicks connected to the holiday, or you’ll find folks saying Easter is a pagan tradition…or those who tell you if it’s not closely tied to the Passover of the Jews, then it’s nonsense.

Whoa, it seems like there is quite a bit to argue about doesn’t it?

I remember once asking one of my ministers one of my burning  religious questions and he surprised me by saying to me ” Sometimes you just have to stop asking and see what happens!”  It didn’t seem like a sufficient answer at the time, but looking back years later I think I finally get it.  Arguing and debating and pulling things apart is what I wanted to do.  It seemed rational to test my faith by using my own knowledge.  I think a lot of us are like that.  We are desperate not to be tricked or cajoled or fooled into believing in things we consider foolish.  That is a tough job for most of us, isn’t it?  I know I used to try awfully hard to understand what religion was trying to teach me.

These days, since I’m a little older, and perhaps a little wiser…I don’t care about the details.  When you get to a certain place in life you either trust what you are living, or you don’t.  If you don’t- then you’ve got quite a row to hoe ahead of you, if you do, then you can invest your energy in what is ahead of you and stop worrying needlessly over what is behind you.  I don’t imagine everything I think and know is 100 percent accurate.  As a brash youth I’d have struggled to know things just to prove I was an intellectual.  Now I don’t care whether others would consider me a great thinker or not, I just know I like to think about things!  I don’t need a title.  I don’t need identifiers.  I’m just me.

That is my religion.  It’s a little messy.  It isn’t neatly packaged, but I think I’m okay with it.  I’m not a perfect Christian, but  since I’m familiar with Christianity’s traditions, I’m  choosing that path as my own.  In truth, holidays in the Christian church aren’t all fun and games, nonetheless, my holidays are all celebratory.  If that makes me irreligious, so be it.

All that said, some of you probably want to get back to worrying about Easter…Here is some  information for you- the  fact  is that  many Christian churches celebrate it today, or they will in 7 days, because it was decided that way a long time ago. ( See Council of Nicaea)  It isn’t celebrated today because this day is the exact day that Jesus rose from the dead.  It does not correspond to Passover accurately.  Today’s celebration is almost entirely removed from any historical dates.  It’s just Easter today!  And Easter  is the day we celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead and having a new life, and  beginning a new ministry with his apostles here on Earth.

Sure, you can argue with what I’m  writing here.  I’m sure I’ve opened myself up to tons of arguments.  But my question is what is the point?  What if you just let go of all  the questing you’ve been doing and you just let life happen to you?  Just accept what people have told you, don’t question everything immediately. It isn’t about you being taken for a fool, it’s more about you feeling a little shared happiness.  Just allow yourself to be present and see what happens.

Today is Easter!  Most Christians aren’t theologians!  It isn’t part of the agreement in order to be faithful!

It is Easter!  Can you remember when people used to dress up for Easter?  Can you remember your family going to church?

It is Easter!  Be happy!  God bless you and yours.

It is Easter!  There are plenty of unknowns!  So what! 🙂







Easter Is Not About A Rabbit! :)

This “Easter Question” won’t let me go.  So I’m going to go out on a limb and try to  wrap my own thoughts around why people don’t like things like Santa or the Easter Bunny.

People can and certainly do mock Santa and the Easter
bunny for their not being “real”, but it seems to me that it is quite a concept to accept  that there are things in this world that we can’t hear or see or directly experience, and that is a pretty important part of what actually is taught in the Bible.

So at a very simplistic level of course all you fuss-pots  are right, Santa isn’t Biblical, and neither are Xmas trees or Easter eggs, but, umm, hope and faith are Biblical. Mocking faith by suggesting it’s all based on fictional representations and then to move from there to the argument that God is also just a figure of folks demented imaginations, well, that misses the larger picture. In short,according to my religious tradition, man ( or me) can’t know the mind of God. Basically I don’t have to defend the Church, or it’s adherents. It isn’t my job. I’m not called to it. I can put my two cents in, but only if that is what I’m feeling led to do. And even if I think it feels right, it still might be wrong for me to assume I’m supposed to do it. Waiting on God is complicated. And don’t even let me start on what it might look like If I begin to question myself by asking ” is God telling me to support Santa? Or does God need me to prove he exists? Then I’m bound to look like a lunatic. But you know what? God just might want me to look like lunatic!

The wonderful thing about being a Christian is that we know we can rest knowing God is in control. WE don’t have to wade into every battle- we just have to be listening and willing to respond when we are personally called to stand up before God and before our fellow men. It is part of my Christian hope that I will lay my way straight in life, so that I don’t have too rocky a climb towards God’s eternal love. My personal salvation comes from my having a heart trained on God and my fellow man. To me, that is what it’s all about.

So yes, I’ll admit that the Santa suits and the chocolate rabbits have made Christianity look a little silly-yes, it is sort of like it was made up by mad people who’ve created characters to sway youngsters into believing in fairy tales. But the bottom line is that that isn’t what brings people together in Church. Oh, and by the way, when I say Church, I don’t mean the building with the fancy spire and the wooden pews…I mean the “body of Christ”, but now we are back to talking conceptually again!

I pray that you and yours have lots of joy and love this Easter…along with some chocolate and a couple of jelly beans!


Easter Dinner!

A friend of mine was talking about how Easter has become so commercialized.  She thought that Easter wasn’about bunnies or chicks or eggs, or baskets.  I nodded and agreed.  I don’t think she wanted me to launch into the history of  Easter traditions I think she was sharing a  point of view and I understood her feelings.

I’m a Christian and so Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter is a part of the Church’s calendar- it starts with Lent where people fast and repent, and we get ashes on our heads, and then we give up things till we get to Easter week where we remember some of the sadness  about being separated from God.  Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are sort of dark days, but when Easter Sunday comes then all is right with the world!  So Easter is about celebrating new life in general, but it’s more about celebrating a personal “new life” in Jesus.

I’m no scholar so please don’t take my word as “gospel” on what Easter is about.  I just wanted to say that for me Easter isn’t about dyeing eggs and having a meal…and yet, each year I look forward to buying a ham, and preparing a meal.  It is part of my family’s traditions.

I’d like to know what you are doing this Easter?  I hope that you have the chance to visit with friends and family.  And I would personally like to wish you and yours a very Happy Easter!




How I Really Feel About Things!

I was thinking it seems odd, even to me, that I don’t use this blog as a method of promoting my own opinions here online.  Sometimes, if you read me regularly, I imagine you’ll arrive at some of my ideas  about life…but I don’t tend to think that my opinion on things is all that remarkable.  Mostly I think I’m one person with one point of view and sometimes I’ve had to deal with the rather uncomfortable and awkward ordeal of changing my opinions…actually, when I wrote sometimes… I meant it happens rather often.

I have opinions just like everyone else does, but to  be as fair to myself as I can, I try not to mistakenly assume that my ideas are in any way related to the set of ideas we can refer to as ” the right ideas”.  I don’t need that pressure!

So I’m going to continue posting about those things that strike me as being important, but for goodness sake, there are some posts that are much more important than others in my personal life, but hey, if they wind up here, they have some resonance in my life.  I hope that my sharing is worthwhile.  I know I’d like to know more about my readers opinions… of course that is asking a lot and I recognize that.  But I see lots of you coming to visit here and I do appreciate having you stop by.




Defining A Meme

My youngest daughter has officially told me that “meme” is pronounced “mem” as if it was a french word, which she says has roots in the word we get memory from…even though  personally, I’ve always pronounced it as “meem”.  Basically  a meme is an idea, although it is not like the kind of idea that reminds you of something when you are stuck in traffic and let’s say for example, you see a pizza delivery car next to you and that makes you think you have to stop to pick up something for dinner, no, a meme is an idea that is passed like a virus among people.  It’s sort of a popular idea!

Now for the real point of this posting, one of my college aged youngsters came home tonight and showed me something she was disgusted by…it was an image on Facebook.  It was a graphic image of a couple of assault rifles in pink on a red background.  When I looked at it I didn’t get it.  I mean, I got why it might be annoying to see two pink assault rifles, or at least what I took to be two assault rifles but really, I was clueless, becasue that was all I got from the picture.  She then told me about the push to change images on Facebook, people’s profile images, to show affinity for gays, *( should that be capitalized?)  In short, the symbol of a pink equals sign with it’s two  equidistant lines on a red background somehow means at least among her generation that people who post it are in support of getting rid of what they consider to be human rights violations against gays.  Her irritation with the assault rifles in the shape of an equals sign arose because of her opinion that the person who used those guns in their image was actually being aggressive towards gays.

Well, with that understanding I understood her reaction to the image, but prior to her explaining it to me I was too out of it to know what it was that disturbed her.  I didn’t get the meme.

This evening I figured I would check it out further.  I’m glad I did.  It turns out that the equals sign is the sign for one particular group that supports gay, lesbian, trans and bi called the Human Rights Campaign.  That symbol is their logo.  So then I checked out their site and I found that there are many groups that support Gay rights.  So I copied  that page devoted to other groups that support gay rights and  I’m attaching that list here for you, my readers who like me, are interested in finding out more about the struggle in the Gay community about things like Prop 8 in California, or DOMA nationally.

Check them out-

American Veterans for Equal Rights

Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

Bisexual Resource Center

Campus Pride

CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers

Gay Asian Pacific Support Network

Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network


Immigration Equality

Lambda Legal

National Association of People with AIDS

National Black Justice Coalition

National Center for Lesbian Rights

National Center for Transgender Equality

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

National Minority AIDS Council

National Transgender Advocacy Coalition

National Youth Advocacy Coalition

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Safe Schools Coalition
206-632-0662 ext. 49

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network


Transgender Law Center

Transgender Law and Policy Institute

202-419-3420 ext. 30

College Guides

LGBT Youth Reports

Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs)

Starting a GSA

Legal Issues

Annual Events

LGBT History Month Resources

Starting a Safe Space/Zone

Gender Identity & Expression

Faith and Religion


What Happened Temple???

I watched the last few minutes of the Temple vs. Indiana game today and oof, what a loss.  Temple was doing so well until the last few minutes.

I wanted them to win!  But it might have helped if they spent more time practicing getting the ball into the basket.  It was heartbreaking to see the players trying again and again to sink a shot.

Oh well, better luck next year!  Congratulations to the Indiana players and of course the fans!




Removing Age Spots With Castor Oil!

I’m sure it is hard for you to believe that someone my age has trouble with age spots, or liver spots!  Well, it’s true!  Actually, I had one that was bothering me and it was right smack dab on my face- wouldn’t  you know it.  Anyhow, I searched online for ways to remove that unsightly dark spot that was no bigger than a sesame seed but it was soooo visible!

I found an answer, or what I thought might be an answer over at Earth Clinic.  That was after I read a bit about bleaching it or having it lasered off.  Those ideas seemed a little extreme to me so I wanted something easy and painless.  I figured there had to be some old wives tale that just might work and sure enough I spotted a couple right away.

One idea was to use apple cider vinegar.  People on Earth Clinic use that substance a lot, but when I tried it on my face, I had just gotten over a rather serious cold and my skin was abraded from blowing my nose constantly- which explains why I was suddenly staring at my face and noticing age spots popping out.  I dipped a cotton swab in the apple cider vinegar and applied it to my face and I swear I almost collapsed right there in my kitchen.    The pain was pretty severe so I would not recommend that “technique” to anyone.

But there was another suggestion and that was to use plain old castor oil.  Now I’ve used that before and I’ve found good results without any real problems so I daubed some on my finger and then touched it to my face.  The next day I still had the same  spot, but I daubed it again and the next day I still had the same exact spot with no real change…by then I was ready to toss another idea out of the window, but I figured it was worth another attempt.  So I smeared on the oil and went to bed.  Guess what?  After the third application my spot started to fade!

Now I’m not going to say it faded entirely, but I’m already freckled all over, and so having another lightly colored freckle on my head is no big deal, but it is so much better than the darker colored mark that had been there.

Of course I can’t promise it will work for everyone, but it’s a cheap fix if it does work and it’s a lot less painful than some fixes.

Remember I am not a health professional, I sometimes talk about things I do to improve my own personal health,but I insist that you, as a reader, take your health concerns and questions to your own health care providers.  Remember what your mother told you!  If someone told you they were jumping off a bridge…Would you do it?  NO!  So don’t listen to what I say even though I’m telling you what I really did.  I could be lying…but what would be the point?




Old Vegetable Oil

I had a bottle of old vegetable oil…old oil gets a slightly rancid smell and I’m extremely sensitive to it as it’s going off, so even fresh oil can smell like old oil to me and when it does I just set it aside to use for some other purpose.

I’m betting you are wondering what other purpose there can be for old oil?  Well, today I used it on old furniture.  I got this tip from Miss Mustard Seed’s site…there she explains how to bring old furniture back to life without stripping and refinishing.  She suggests you add 3/4 cup of oil to 1/4 cup of vinegar and wipe it on the furniture.

That is what I do…and it works rather nicely.  It isn’t going to bring something old back to life, instead it will improve dried out pieces that you don’t want to spend money on refinishing- like the bottoms of my dining room chairs get all dinged up when people hook their feet over the bottom rungs.  A swipe of the oil/vinegar and the rungs look like the rest of the chair.

Do you have any quick tips for keeping house?  Let us know!




Strange Disease From Drinking Too Much Tea!

My regular readers will know I’ve got a minor beef about fluoride, so when I saw this article, I had to drag it home to my blog.

A 47 year old woman who had been drinking pitchers of tea daily for 17 years made with 100 to 150 bags of tea daily suffered pain in her legs, arms and lower back.  When she went to doctors they took x-rays and found excessive bone growth which they first thought might have to do with cancer.  Instead another doctor familiar with the disease called “fluorosis” thought that the problem was her fluoride levels.  Sure enough her levels were elevated so that they were 4 times higher than average.  The recommendation was to stop drinking the tea and allow her bones to heal themselves.

Here is some of the article:

A 47-year-old Michigan woman developed a bone disease rarely seen in the U.S. after she drank a pitcher of tea made from at least 100 tea bags daily, for 17 years, researchers report.

The Detroit woman visited the doctor after experiencing pain in her lower back, arms, legs and hips for five years.

X-rays revealed areas of very dense bone on the spinal vertebrae and calcifications of ligaments in her arm, said study researcher Dr. Sudhaker D. Rao, a physician at Henry Ford Hospital who specializes in endocrinology and bone and mineral metabolism.

The researchers suspected the woman had skeletal fluorosis, a bone disease caused by consuming too much fluoride (a mineral found in tea as well as drinking water).

The patient’s blood levels of fluoride were four times higher than what would be considered normal, the researchers said.

Skeletal fluorosis is endemic in regions of the world with naturally high levels of fluoride in drinking water, including some parts of India and China, but is rare in Europe and North America. (Low levels of fluoride are added to drinking water in the United States to prevent cavities, but aren’t high enough to cause fluorosis.)