Horsefeathers! Who Okay’d Foreign Foodstuffs In My Burgers?

The other day I was listening to a program about horse meat DNA being found in meat products in the UK.  It bothered me, not because I’m particularly disturbed by eating meat, ( even though I think perhaps I should be), but it bothered me because there was this attitude that all of this was happening worlds away and that it would never happen here!

Well, if by “here” we are referring to the United States of America, then a new horse slaughtering plant is trying to get inspectors right this minute!  I think the name of the company is something like “Valley Meats” out of New Mexico.  They promise not to sell any of their meat within the US, no they are going to send all of their slaughtered horse to Mexico, where there is horse in ever taco stand you pass.

Also, don’t forget that meat is already coming from Canada and Mexico.  It was also coming in the form of what the media called “pink slime” that was added to meat products to fluff them up a bit.  I had to read around quite a bit before I read about how the US does import some of its ground beef from Mexico and Canada.  But the good news is that it is only a small bit!  Right?

The bad news is that there may be a lot more horsey stuff in meat products that are prepackaged or sold in bulk form at places like “BuyBurgersHere”.   If you are asking why that meat hasn’t been forced to go through the same rigor that other meats are going through for US consumers then all you have to do is ask your local politician!

Check this out from the American Meat Institute’s site:

Why doesn’t this labeling rule apply to foodservice

or processed meat products?
Congress determined that products intended for
foodservice and processed meat products should be

exempt from the law

Yay Congress!





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