Check out Broadcastify

The other night fire engines were zooming by my house, and then a helicopter flew overhead, and then some ambulances.  Being a nosy parker I wondered what was going on, so I thought about my options, I could have gotten into my car and followed the emergency vehicles, but I didn’t want to clog the road if emergency personnel were trying to get there, so I sat still where I was.

I then thought maybe I could check out the local news…maybe they’d have some “breaking news”.  Well, that was pointless, it was Sunday and their “breaking news” at 5pm was from 10 am that morning.

I then looked for Emergency services for my local area and BINGO.  I found Broadcastify which airs several police, and emergency services radio stations.  I found out what was going on and then I tuned into a local police scanner and I found out who was running around on 422 after having an auto accident near Keim Street.  It was funny, because the officers talk about the people they are about to capture, including information about where they think they’ll be incarcerated when they get booked.  Of course I’m not naming names myself, the information you find on Broadcastify is for “entertainment purposes only”.

But I can tell you for a fact that I read about the man who exited his vehicle the next day in a local news source…there was no name mentioned there either,but if they were listening to the same feed I was….they knew who the person was and where he lived!

Check it out yourself, I’m too lazy to link it up for you, but cut me a break, I’m feeling snuffly.




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