How Come There Ain’t Any Tuna?

The other day I read about an oily “butterfish” also known as Escolar which is apparently inedible or more accurately indigestible in humans.  The funny part about the story that I was reading was that they were saying that this fish is often sold as tuna!

Tuna?  You mean the stuff that is canned by Chicken of the Sea?  Or Bumblebee?


So, when I then heard that both of those companies were removing cans from the shelves because they had discovered problems with the seals on the cans…I was a little suspicious because that is the kind of person I am.  So when I went to a local store later and found that there was little or no tuna on the shelf…I thought, hmmm, either all the tuna in the world has had processing problems with can seals?  Or could it be possible that stores were concerned that they had purchased discount tuna which was really mixed with oily butterfish?

The crazy thing is some online foodies were saying Escolar is delicious…just don’t eat too much or suffer the wrath of oily anal…well go look for yourself.

Meantime I’m avoiding tuna for a while.  I’d like to know that it’s tuna when I open the can.  I’d also like to know that my tuna has been properly sealed in its can.

Go figure.




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