What Does Yellow #5 and #6 Taste Like Anyhow?

It seems Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has fake colorants in it when sold here in the US and when it’s sold in other countries, they don’t put those artificial colorings in.

This duo tried out the American version and compared it to the British version, they say the two dishes taste similarly.

What do you think?  Here is some of their story from the Guardian:

Two food bloggers from North Carolina have gathered more than 200,000 signatures in an effort to persuade food giant Kraft to remove two chemical food dye additives from the mac’n’cheese packaged meals that it sells in America.

Both ingredients, called Yellow #5 and Yellow #6, are not present in equivalent products produced by Kraft in many other countries. In some places they are replaced by other substances, such as paprika, amid some health concerns over their safety.

The two campaigners, Vani Hari of Foodbabe.com and Lisa Leake of 100daysofrealfood.com, have also recorded a video of themselves conducting a taste test between the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese sold in Britain without the additives and the product sold in the United States that contains them. In the shoot the two bloggers say that the products taste and look exactly the same and point out the risks alleged to be carried by Yellow #5 and Yellow #6.

Since being launched a week ago their petition has now attracted some 220,000 signatures on the online activist website Change.org. The swell of signatures has resulted in a flood of media stories on the Kraft petition, including a segment on Good Morning America.


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