Philly Magazine’s Racism Problem!

I just read about a thousand comments from an article about Whites in Philly.  After reading the comments I feel like I need a shower.  I want to scrub the sick and perverted  version of “white” that I read in the comment section of the article off, I want that Whiteness to be no part of me!  It feels  like a disgusting white furry bacterial shell attempting to insinuate itself onto and into my body like a flaming outbreak of candida albicans!


Don’t you dare get me wrong, I know I’ve acted like a damn fool racist in my life!  I expect that I’ll do it on an off again for the rest of my life, but I swear, I try to deal with it.  When I think something unpleasant or unkind and I chalk that something up to race, sheesh, I know full well I’m being flat out ignorant.  I take no pride whatsoever in being an ignorant Asshat!

I’ve got a kid who goes to Temple,  she’s the one who brought the article to my attention.  We talked about it and she said she thought that the problem was much more complicated than a question of race.  She thought it had to do with economics and education, and cultural differences that aren’t accepted and honored.  She’s the kind of White person I am!  Or, maybe what I really want to say is I’d like to be the kind of White person she is.

I’m not the kind of White person that says people of any race “need to keep their legs closed”.  I’m not the kind of person who says people of any race “just take” and “contribute nothing”.  Oh, it makes me so mad to see that kind of hatred trotted out like it’s the way decent human beings feel.

I’m racist because I’m stupid sometimes.

The good news is I’m not alone…the bad news is I’m not alone.









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