Losing Nouns

I was tickled this weekend when I listened to some story tellers who were preparing to take part in a festival in  Toronto that was all about stories.

Sandra Shamas was one of the featured presenters and she had a truly funny video on Youtube talking about the one day she was sitting watching Oprah and listening to a doctor talking about reaching peri-menopause.  It seems that the doctor mentioned that one thing women sometimes lose is nouns.

Sandra was ecstatic, she realized that she wasn’t crazy, she had actually lost her nouns and she explained what life was like without them.  She said she could tell someone the color, the size, the temperature and the texture..but she couldn’t get to the “fucking center” of the thing.

That cracked me up big time.  I find myself having that same exact problem and I chalked it up to getting stupider as I age.  Instead it seems that my lack of estrogen has put a slight crimp in my brain and the good news is this will pass.

Ms. Shamas said she slipped into it and then slipped right back out of it.  I’m afraid my experience is either taking longer than hers did, or I was right the first time and I’m getting stupider as I”mature”.

So…does anyone else have similar experiences?   Have you found yourself stumbling over words that should be right on the tip of  your tongue?  Are they misssing?  Blame it on menopause!








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