Sly Fox Brewery is Bringing Pottstown Attention!

I just read an article over at Philly.com about craft brews being sold in cans!  There are several brands discussed, but one brand comes from our own Sly Fox brewery!  The article mentions that they are from Pottstown!

The neat thing about the cans that Sly Fox is selling is that the entire top rips off the can which allows you to drink the beer like you are drinking out of a frosty mug!  Oh, there is another plus to the can that the writer alludes to…but you’ll have to read that part yourself!

The next big step will come next week at the Craft Brewers Conference, in Washington, D.C., when Sly Fox Brewing, of Pottstown, unveils its new, open-ended can.

Designed by Philadelphia’s Crown Holdings, the can features the so-called 360 End, which tears off like a soup-can lid, exposing the entire top like an open cup.

“What’s cool about this is you’re able to smell the aroma of the beer,” said Brian O’Reilly, of Sly Fox, which packages about half its beer in cans. “That’s the one thing that’s a challenge in a [regular] can. Now drinkers can better appreciate the beer without pouring it into a glass.”

The can end was introduced a couple of years ago at the World Cup and is now used by Budweiser in China.

You’ll see it next month when Sly Fox Helles Golden Lager becomes the first American-made beer to be sold in the open-ended cans. And keep your eyes peeled at Phillies home games, where Sly Fox Pikeland Pils will be sold exclusively in them.

There is one downside to the new design: Unlike conventional pull-tabs that remain attached to the can, this lid must be disposed of separately. O’Reilly noted that, while some state litter laws may prohibit their use, the lids use less metal and are more environmentally friendly.

And the upside is that – once empty – the cans are far easier to pee into.

Oh well, there is that!



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